Sep 24, 2014

Limestone Networks: A Buzz-Worthy Hosting Solution Company

Felipe Fleury Still

There are a handful of companies on the Internet that can provide you with adequate hosting solutions, but there is one company in particular that seems to be causing a great deal of buzz among consumers for offering redundant, high-performance hosting solutions that are simple, solid, superior, and quite affordable to attain: Limestone Networks (LSN). I’ve heard of this company for a couple of months now; for that matter, I decided to finally try it out to see if it lived-up to the hype and to bring you the following review.

This company was founded in 2007 in the state of Texas and automatically garnered a loyal clientele. It grew quickly and became the preferred dedicated server host for gaming in Dallas, TX. Limestone Networks popularity was increasing at such a fast pace that they had to move the following year to a new facility, which featured more redundancy and physical security than their previous data center. Their new facility allowed LSN to market enterprise-level dedicated hosting to serve small to medium sized businesses.

Limestone Networks is composed of a staff of individuals who care about every single one of their client’s needs and wants. Their motto is for you to have a simple hosting experience on a solid network that’s delivered with superior customer service.

This innovative company has a great number of solutions, such as reseller hosting services, starting a game server, launching a website, developing applications, and customizable solutions, but their unmanaged hosting support plans and managed support plans are being the talk of the town for the features they include and for the affordable price tags that are attached to them.

Unmanaged Support 

Tech-Support-Group-Photo---Cage-Isle-letterboxed-WEBTheir unmanaged hosting support plans offer as little management as you need. Their unmanaged support covers your server’s network, power, and hardware. They additionally offer per-incident and monthly management in case you require a little extra help with operating system matters or software. Their per-incident plan only costs $5 per management ticket.

There are three unmanaged support plans that you can choose from. There is the Standard Support plan, which has a monthly cost of $0.00 USD and includes one free OS reload per month, standard phone support, and web and mobile control panel. Yes, you read it right; it won’t cost you a penny! This is the plan that I tried out first, and since I was pleased with it, I moved on to this company’s following plan.

There is also the Standard Support with Monitoring plan (my second pick), which runs for $10.00 USD a month; it includes one free OS reload per month, 10 minute uptime monitoring, standard phone support, and web and mobile control panel.

And last but not least, there is the Premier Support with Monitoring plan, which includes three free OS reloads per month, 10 minute uptime monitoring, incident KVM, direct support chat, premier phone support, standard phone support, and web and mobile control panel.

Managed Support

Limestone Networks managed support plans cover a variety of server management tasks. Their managed support plans cover more of your software and OS configuration needs, whereas, their unmanaged support covers network, power and hardware. There are two managed support plans that you can choose from: Routine Checkup or Proactive Management.

The Routine Checkup plan includes 20 minutes uptime monitoring with notifications, 3 free OS reloads per month, free incident KVM for 3 hours per week, premier phone support, live chat support, setup and verify routine backup, application of operation system patches, anti-virus and malware scans, and basic managements tickets for only $3.00 USD each. This plan costs $40.00 USD a month.

There is also the Proactive Management plan that contains everything you obtain in the Routine Checkup plan, instant downtime investigation, unlimited basic server management tickets, proactive analysis, and malware, spam, and hack troubleshooting. You can obtain this plan for the price of $80.00 USD a month.

Limestone Networks has cultivated premium support for both their managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. They provide in-depth hardware diagnostics completely free of charge. Their hardware diagnostics have been modeled after a full-service oil change. If any hardware issue arises, they immediately replace all memory modules and cables within your server.

As you can tell, Limestone Networks truly does offer full-service managed and unmanaged solutions at affordable prices. I’ve been using their Standard Support with Monitoring plan, and I must say that this company totally lived-up to the hype in my book.

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