Our Network

Speed, security and redundancy.

Our network is built for the enterprise and priced for the small business.

At Limestone Networks your servers have access to two networks within our infrastructure. The public network connects your servers to the Internet through multiple Tier 1 carriers. Our private network is connected to all of your servers allowing you to disable public access to servers and only allow private traffic.

The Facts

Equipment Used: Cisco Borders and Cores
Fiber Carriers: Internap, Telia, CenturyLink, AboveNet, Cogent
Redundancy: Two border routers, two core routers, and redundant links to each switch
Connectivity Failover: Automatic failover between fiber pairs. Six pairs with 2+ strands each
Flow Control: Internap Flow Controller
Unmetered Bandwidth: All incoming bandwidth is free on every dedicated server

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I use my own IP addresses?

Yes, you may certainly announce your own IP addresses.

Do you offer DDoS Protection?

DDoS Protection is a must. We provide a free basic protection and optional enterprise protection.

Is the private interface unmetered?

Yes, you are not billed for private traffic on our network.

Speed Test

You may use the IP to test your latency and/or route. Additionally, you can download a test file to check our upload rate to a specific location.