Mar 16, 2016

What is a “Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program”?

You may have heard this term “Dedicated Hosting Reseller” or "Dedicated Servers Reseller," but what does it mean? At Limestone Networks, we provide a program to our web hosting partners, which allows them to offer white-labeled dedicated servers to their clients.

How does this work?

LSN Girl Smiling1Web hosting partners can sign up for the Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program and gain access to the exclusive partnership features in OnePortal, the dedicated hosting control panel at Limestone Networks. These exclusive partnership features allow our web hosting partners to integrate our dedicated servers with their company’s services. This white-labeled reseller feature will only display the web hosting partner's company information and not the information of Limestone Networks.

What are the benefits?

Another benefit of the Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program is available if the web hosting partner uses the WHMCS billing and support platform. We have created a special module which will allow end clients to access their server controls directly from the web hosting partner’s WHMCS client area. The server controls passed to the client by way of the WHMCS module include power management, reinstall server, out of band management (IPMI), network graphs, and manage reverse DNS of their IP addresses. This is possible because of our RESTful API, which is easily setup with the plugin. 

Additionally, other incentives of the Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program are discounting on dedicated servers, advanced notice of Limestone Networks promotions, Partner Rewards, and a new cash-back rewards system exclusively available to web hosting partners through the Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program.

The other advantage of the Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program is that it is easy and free to join. There are no requirements for the web hosting partner to purchase any hardware before offering the dedicated server plans to their clients. They only need to purchase servers to fulfill the orders of their clients.

Finally, the web hosting partners will receive the same level of support, network performance, and reliability that Limestone Networks offers to all clients, which allows them to focus on growing their brand, while Limestone Networks handles the hosting infrastructure. 

How do I get started?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming our web hosting partner and joining the Dedicated Hosting Reseller Program, please visit this page to speak with our Partnership Development team. An agent from Partnership Development will get in touch with you to help setup your account. Resellers will have a Dedicated Account Specialist to assist them along the way and provide additional resources and support.

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ScottScott studied Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas and is now an Account Executive with Limestone Networks. He helps organizations achieve alignment between their business strategy and infrastructure by offering customized, scalable network solutions. Outside of the office, Scott can be found exploring the great outdoors or enjoying a cold one while watching the game.

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