Resell Public Cloud Servers

Our superior infrastructure, sold under your brand.

Offer high-performance cloud servers to your customers-- white-labeled.

Resell our solidly built and easily implemented public cloud to increase your return on investment.

Perfect for Hosts

Already offer web, VPS, game or dedicated hosting? Offering LSN Cloud servers to your customers will expand your market and increase your revenue.

Development Teams

Setup WHMCS internally with free cloud options and allow your employees to instantly launch cloud servers as needed for development.

Easily integrated with WHMCS. Download the plugin from GitHub.

WHMCS Module Settings

Setup the Module

WHMCS Order Form

Point Customers to Your Order Form

WHMCS Admin Control

Manage the Cloud Servers

WHMCS Client Control

Give your Customers Control

How much does it cost?

Option 1 Low-Cost Plan

See plan pricing on our Order Form

By committing to cloud resources monthly, we give you a reseller discount. This discount is about 30% off of the pricing available on our web site and the Pay Per Hour plan.

If you run out of space on your plan, the next cloud server order will automatically be Pay Per Hour. We do this so that you don't lose out on a sale.

Option 2 Pay Per Hour

See individual server pricing on our Order Form

Using this method you can get started with only a $5 deposit. Simply keep enough money in your account with us to cover your customers' orders.

Offer LSN Cloud now with $0 hardware infrastructure cost!

Why resell LSN Cloud?

Taken with UnixBench

Amazon EC2
... 300
UnixBench Score: 505
UnixBench Score: 705
LSN Cloud
UnixBench Score: 1236

Benchmarks were performed 3/11/2014 on comparable cloud servers (by price) with ~2GB of RAM.

SSD Storage
KVM Virtualization
Gigabit Standard
Fully Redundant
Local + SAN Storage
Deploy in 5 Minutes