Aug 20, 2013

Slash Monthly Cloud Costs with Dedicated Servers

Are monthly cloud payments hindering cash flow? Improve your flexibility and put cash back in your wallet with dedicated servers from Limestone NetworksIMBRFS-00053551-001

As you may know, a private cloud instance containing as little as 4 (2.0GHz) cores + 8GB RAM from a leading provider can cost well over $300 per month. Moreover, the storage amounts for these cloud instances often begin with sizes insufficient for the task. Thus, you're left with additional IT expenditures.

Limestone Networks has a solution for this dilemma.

Our entire lineup of single processor dedicated servers, from the entry level quad core Xeon X3440 (2.53GHz/core), to the lightning quick quad core Xeon E3-1290 V2 (3.7GHz/core), is significantly less expensive than the virtual cloud instance mentioned above - even when much more effectively equipped. For example, compare the noted cloud instance, with one of our dedicated servers below:

Intel Xeon E3-1230 (3.2GHz/core) Rack_Closeup_Small (2)
100Mbps Port Speed
5000GB Bandwidth
CentOS 5.9 or Windows 2008 Web R2
8 IPs (5 usable)
5GB NAS Backup

For $122.00!

Twice the memory. Twice the disk space. Over 50% more processing. Less than half the price.

Do you require more availability than a standard configuration? In such cases, we suggest adding a disk array to your server. A RAID 1 mirrored array would only add $27.50 to our example. In the special case of also needing redundant power and processing, the argument for cloud computing becomes more sensible. However, even in such situations, Limestone Networks can still provide alternative solutions (e.g. load balancing) via our Lime Aid management service.

We would like to help you break free from the high fiscal constraints of monthly cloud computing. To facilitate your liberation, we're offering a 15% discount off of any of our non-clearance dedicated servers! Click one of the models below to get started and thanks for choosing Limestone Networks!

 Quad Core Processor Dedicated Servers - 4 Cores

Dual Quad Core Processor Dedicated Servers - 8 Cores

Dual Hex Processor Dedicated Servers - 12 Cores

Dual Octo Core Processor Dedicated Servers - 16 Cores

See live chat to learn about great discounts on server management through Lime Aid!

Limestone Networks Offers:

• Quick Provisions
• Tier 3+ SAS-70 Type II Certified Datacenter
• Multiple Tier 1 Fiber Carriers
• Redundant Core & Border Routers
• Located on protected Dallas 911 Power Grid
Internap Flow Controller
• 24x7x365 Professional Support
• Support responses < 10 Minutes
• Helpful Account Specialists
• First-Class Reseller Program
• Competitive Prices
• And MUCH more!!!

 Simple. Solid. Superior.