Our Account Specialists Include:

Andrew was born and raised in Texas and is now one of our dedicated Inside Sales representatives. He's commonly available over Live Chat as well as within our ticketing system. He works with many of our clients on Accounting matters, upgrades and new server orders.
Andy grew up in Marion, Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus. He moved to Dallas, Texas to be closer to his dad and siblings. He works for Limestone Networks as an Enterprise Sales Associate, introducing companies around the world to the services that we have to offer.
Chris grew up in League City, Texas. He moved up to the Dallas area to study digital animation at the University of Texas at Dallas. Chris got his start at Limestone Networks through a chance encounter with the Limestone Networks CEO while working a part-time job to support his education. He liked how Chris handled customer service in a tough situation, and the opportunity to join LSN arose from there.
While born in the USA, Felipe was raised in Brazil. Since then, he has returned to the great state of Texas to join our team. With his personal experience in Brazil, he now mainly works with our Portuguese-speaking clients, providing a very personable relationship.
Frank was born in Iran and migrated to the USA in 2000 for more opportunities. He now works mainly in our Live Chat providing exceptional service with a smile.
Starting originally as an Enterprise Sales Associate, Matt is now the Sales Manager here at Limestone. Since we view the sales process differently, his job is to find new and creative ways to help our clients grow.
Mike got his start at Limestone Networks not long after we opened the doors. If you frequent Web Hosting Talk, it's likely that you have interacted with him. Mike is the kind of guy that would trade his office for a quiet table at Starbucks. Whether it's a new server configuration or industry news that suits your fancy, Mike is only a click away. But really, who is the guy on the other end of the line?
Richard grew up in a suburb of Dallas, TX. He currently studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. He works with LSN as an Enterprise Sales Associate and likes to focus on introducing gamers to Limestone's ultra fast servers and network.
Ty originally began with Limestone as an Enterprise Sales Associate, but then transitioned to being an Account Specialist. He enjoys the long lasting relationships he is able to have with his clients as he helps them succeed and grow.