Nov 18, 2010

New Reorder Button

We are always working towards making your life easier here at Limestone Networks. With all of the great offerings Limestone Networks has for processors, RAM, server management, operating system and more, it is understandable that our order process can take a couple minutes to fill out. For this reason, we've created a reorder button in our control panel that will instantly reorder an exact duplicate of your favorite dedicated server configuration.

The process is simple...

First, you simply click the Reorder button on your Servers tab in our control panel. [screenshot]

Second, verify that you truly want to duplicate the server you've selected. [screenshot]

Lastly, pay the newly created invoice which you are automatically transferred to.

Yes, its that simple!

On top of the new simple process, any discounting you received on your original server will even be duplicated. So if you had an amazing deal from a year ago, you can use that same deal today on as many servers as you'd like.

In most cases, your server will then be provisioned and login information will be given to you within 1-4 hours!