Oct 11, 2010

Great new control panel features!

Over the past month we have made a lot of advancements to our client control panel, our client control panel. Here's just a few things we'd like to highlight:

Customizable Logo

You can now upload your own logo which shows up instead of the Limestone Networks logo. If you're enrolled in the Fusion Reseller Platform your logo will also show up when your clients log into One Lite.

Chat-Like Ticketing

Our support here at Limestone Networks is extremely fast at answering tickets. However, we found that clients often keep the tickets open and don't refresh quick enough to see how fast we respond. Now, when we respond your ticket will automatically refresh using a technology called AJAX. The new post shows up marked with "***UPDATE***" so that you can easily distinguish the update. When you respond, your response instantly shows up to our technicians in the same way-- making our support process even faster.

Instant Server Tools

Now anywhere you see your server's name or ID you can click on it and a small window appears giving you access to many different tools including:

  • a listing of your hardware
  • direct switchport control
  • power control
  • ability to reload your operating system
  • and more!

We won't list all of the great server tools because we know our competitors are watching. ;-) Check it out, and let your Account Specialist know what you think.

Rescue Boot

This is another one of those tools available when you click on your server in our control panel. It allows you to boot your server into a Rescue environment utilizing the SystemRescueCd with a temporary password of your choosing. This environment can be used for everything from resetting your password to complete server backups and restores. When you're finished, simply restart the server and it will boot normally.

There are a few other great things added, and we invite you to explore our control panel and seek out these great new features. We are always open to your suggestions and comments, so please contact your Account Specialist if you have any.