Jan 31, 2012

What makes Limestone Networks different?

Since our inception, we have kept the words "Simple, Solid and Superior" in mind as we grew into an industry leader in dedicated hosting. You may be asking though, "What do these words really mean and how do they apply to what they do at Limestone Networks?" As the Director of Support, let me explain to you how I have used these words to shape the support experience - an experience which I have endeavored to make optimal for our clients.


There are two main ways we use the word simple in our dealings with clients within support. The first of which is hardware replacements. If you request a replacement of a piece of hardware, or even the whole chassis, we will perform the work with no questions asked. Getting hardware replaced should always be this simple.

The second way this word is implemented is when you are opening a support ticket. When designing the form used to open a support ticket we focused on making as little fields required as possible. With the addition of the new Security Center in our control panel you are even now able to open tickets regarding network attacks without having to type a single character. Additionally, ticket creation and management was also one of the first things we built into our API. It should always be simple for you to contact us!


This is a word that I pay extremely close attention to. When thinking about the hosting industry the worst word to hear is downtime. As the Director of Support, I also oversee our Build Team that handles all of the hardware within our servers. This is where I focus my efforts for the word solid.

We provide in-depth hardware diagnostics. When I wrote the policies and procedures for our hardware diagnostics I wanted to model it after a full-service oil change. When you suspect there is a hardware problem, we immediately replace all cables and memory (RAM) modules within your server. We then place these items in a "test later" bin. Why do we do this? The simple answer is that we want your server back online as quickly as possible! In addition to quick replacements, we check everything from CPU temperature to cable management for proper airflow. We do all of this with a smile and with the utmost priority so that we can get you back online quickly.

Another policy we have in place to provide you with a solid experience is our "re-test policy." Any time we remove hardware from a client's server, either due to a downgrade/upgrade or a cancellation, all of the hardware is tested before it gets recirculated. We understand that we are not always notified of hardware issues resulting in cancellation, so we take extra efforts to test our hardware so that another client doesn't experience issues.


I believe that superior is a very service-oriented word. Thus, I focus that towards the front-end individuals that you deal with when opening a Support ticket. We insure a superior hosting experience by being prompt and constantly taking satisfaction metrics. This is really where I feel we are different, because I often feel that my complaints are either ignored or neglected with various companies. Have you ever explained your frustrations to your cell/cable/internet/(maybe a previous hosting) provider and felt that nothing would come of your concerns? Not at Limestone! We have escalation procedures in place to make sure your concerns get addressed.

Here are some ways we measure satisfaction, provide expedient service and address needs:

  • Automatic Diagnostics - When you open a ticket with us, we have built automated tools that immediately run diagnostics so that our techs can focus on the higher-level investigation. We do this because your uptime is our top priority.
  • 10 Minute Responses - Your time is important and we respect that. We have team members constantly monitoring tickets so that you receive prompt answers to your issues.
  • Response Rating - After each response from a Limestone employee you are able to rate the response between one and five stars. If you give the response a rating of three or lower it is immediately flagged for management's review. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.
  • Closed Ticket Survey - At the end of your ticket you are prompted for feedback. When you fill out this survey your response goes to our Quality Assurance team where appropriate action will be taken in every instance. Actions that take place will be anything from kudos to more training.
  • We actively use UserVoice - This system allows us to truly measure what is important to you both individually and as a community. This is really important because it allows us to devote our resources to exactly what you are wanting.

In conclusion, over the last few days I've really summed up our motto "Simple, Solid and Superior" to one simple message. That message is, "we care." Everything that we do, every procedure we put in place, is for the purpose of providing you with the best hosting experience possible. We will continue to do this - no matter how big your company is. One server or one-hundred servers, you deserve a Simple, Solid and Superior dedicated hosting provider that cares.