Aug 27, 2021

What is Bare Metal Cloud and Why Am I Seeing It Everywhere?

You’re seeing it everywhere as more and more cloud hosting companies begin offering it: Bare Metal Cloud.

But what is it? And more importantly, does your business need it?

In short, with Bare Metal Cloud you are able to spin up a physical, single tenant dedicated server instantly on a pay-as-you-go model. A server control panel and API are what enable you to deploy a server quickly right when you need it in any region(s).

Why Bare Metal Cloud?

If the thought of multi-tenant servers (sharing resources of a dedicated server with others)
causes you to cringe, then it’s time to consider Bare Metal Cloud. The bare metal infrastructure
allows you access to a physical server along with the data center networking, storage and
facility that houses it.

For businesses and individuals that want to control the software licensing, management, and
configuration this is the best route to take.

Which of my Problems will Bare Metal Cloud solve?

  • Performance: Running on top of a hypervisor tends to be slower than if the same workload were running on bare metal. If speed and performance matter, Bare Metal Cloud is for you.
  • Security: Single tenant servers provide stronger security as you aren’t having to share the
    same space with others.

Still not convinced?

Here’s a few other reasons why Bare Metal Cloud makes sense for those seeking to maximize their server control:

  • Instant provisioning with server control panel and API
  • Hourly Billing - use what you need for as long or as little as you need
  • 635 hour sustained use discount
  • Access to floating IPs through portal and API
  • Multiple U.S. regions available

Wanting to view pricing on these on-demand servers? Visit us here.

Need something a bit more customized to your exact needs? We can do that too.