Mar 24, 2014

The Latest in High Performance Cloud Computing: Limestone Networks Announces LSN Cloud



Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, announces their new high performance cloud service – LSN Cloud.

Dallas, Texas / March 24, 2014

High Performance

Designed with enterprise customers in mind, LSN Cloud was built to provide high availability, performance and scalability. Using technologically advanced network equipment and hardware, including Intel SSD drives for speed, Juniper rack-level switches, Cisco core routers, Supermicro chassis with redundant power and dual Intel Xeon E5 series hypervisors LSN Cloud is a ready for the most demanding business applications.

LSN Data Center LSN Data Center

LSN Cloud is located in a Tier 3+ state-of-the-art data center where it uses Tier 1 fiber carriers for optimal data transmission.  Located in the former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the data center is a stone fortress with government-grade security features and maximum failover.

"Our core principles when designing LSN Cloud were high availability, performance and scalability. These principles extend not only to our network, but also to our hardware,” said Ryan Gelobter, IT Manager. “We are utilizing stacking features from Cisco and Juniper to provide the high level of redundancy that LSN Cloud demanded. Every switch has at least 20Gbps of capacity to our core routers which is easily upgradeable to 40Gbps. 100Gbps is possible in the future. We use only Intel Xeon processors and Intel SSDs in our hypervisors which gives us fast and reliable performance."

Limestone Networks’ setup is also a step above competing products. Using KVM virtualization and distributed SSD storage the cloud instances deploy in under five minutes.

LSN Cloud Support

Limestone Networks is passionate about customer support. To this end, they take customer service very seriously and strive for 100% customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes.

"Our support team has trained rigorously with LSN Cloud and is looking forward to assisting clients,” Kris Anderson, Director of Support, commented. “With response times less than 10 minutes, our clients have come to expect superior customer service, and the support for our cloud hosting will be just as quick.”

Aggressively Priced

LSN Cloud is priced more economically than any other major cloud hosting service providers, such as Rackspace or Amazon AWS EC2. In some cases, they offer a more attractive price for storage when compared with competitors. Additionally, unlike other providers, they offer gigabit port speeds with their standard cloud package.

"We've priced LSN Cloud very reasonably," said Matt West, Director of Sales. "Like our dedicated servers, you'll not find a better value in the industry. This is a high-end, rock-solid service and my team is eager to help clients onto this platform.LSN Cloud Price Compare 2


In summation, Limestone Networks has taken the best of cloud computing and assembled a scalable, high performance offering designed to meet the challenging demands of customers for many years to come.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a leading IaaS provider of on-demand cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, with 24/7 passionate support.

For more information concerning LSN Cloud, contact an Account Specialist.