Feb 19, 2012

Social Marketing

It is not only important to market your products and services, but also your company's values and mission (branding). Consequently, there are a number of venues to address your marketing requirements. Marketing on social networks has become way more product/service marketing than branding. It is starting to make people dislike social networks, and furthermore, your company.

Then what should "social marketing" look like?

1) Show you care

Solicit clients for feedback regarding your company and services. The more they share about their experiences, the more others will be inclined to trust your company. If there is negative feedback, address it publicly. Show that you take complaints seriously and will make any situation right. Provide a quick place to answer pre-sales or short support questions. Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship.

2) Empower your clients

Provide your clients with inspiration, food for thought, or unique business strategies you have heard about or used in the past. How is this marketing? Well, first of all you are helping your client grow, and as they grow they will need more services. Second, you should trust that they will attribute their financial gain to your company. The second point leads to better retention due to a quality relationship.

3) Sell, but don't be spammy

Twitter isn't a car lot or an infomercial. Avoid: "BUY NOW!" "DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY." "BEST PRICE EVER." "HOT ITEMS." Basically, if you need to use these words (or broken-caps-lock) to get your value point across, save it for a banner where you can make it semi-professional. Instead, show your value logically. For example, instead of, "Today only, the amazing Dual Xeon 5405 on sale for ONLY $215! Get it now!" add more value tailored towards your audience such as, "Shared web hosts profit as much as $1k per month from the Dual Xeon 5405. Add to your business today for $215/month." Besides the wording of your posts, this suggestion is the last in this article for a reason. Don't do these type of posts often. Social marketing outlets are meant for brand marketing, not product marketing, even though a little product marketing won't hurt.