Dec 17, 2015

Scaling the eCommerce Mountain Without a Harness

You want your website to attract more traffic, because more traffic equals more conversions, right? But what kind of experience will new visitors receive with high traffic volumes? Scalability is key when considering the future of your organization. If you aren’t prepared to handle the surge of new visitors your marketing campaign brings, your competitors will accept them with open arms.


Cramming your website onto a crowded hosting server is like inviting the entire community to your restaurant’s grand opening but only having three tables to seat them at. As the word-of-mouth spreads, it is not unusual for great concepts to experience rapid spikes in website traffic.

Each company is unique and has different needs. Traditional shared hosts often only offer one operating system and supply all users with identical light-version control panels, limiting program and application compatibility and forcing your company to conform to the one-size-fits-all configuration provided.


Unlike traditional shared hosting, the cloud delivers instant scalability and added redundancy in the event of hardware failure. Your bandwidth, memory, and disk space can be adjusted any time as your business needs change. This ensures that no customer is denied the high quality experience you intend to give them, even as traffic spikes, converting would-be customers into customers.

Because cloud servers use special software platforms across multiple dedicated servers, configurations are fully customizable. This will allow you to utilize solutions tailored specifically to your company’s vision and goals. Your site’s optimized layout and functionality will lead to increased conversions and cultivate your company’s growth.


About the Author
Scott studied Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas and is now an Account Executive with Limestone Networks. He helps organizations achieve alignment between their business strategy and infrastructure by offering customized, scalable network solutions. Outside of the office, Scott can be found exploring the great outdoors or enjoying a cold one while watching the game.

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