Mar 14, 2012

Network Status Page

Limestone Networks is proud to announce a new Network Status page that will allow you to get up-to-date information regarding any rare outages or planned maintenance within our data center.

The page is located at, or for short. It is hosted outside of our network so that it will remain available in event of a partial or full network outage. The page is maintained by our Network Engineers

In addition, you can subscribe to our new LimestoneStatus Twitter account to receive micro updates.

Limestone Networks is sharing the source code to this site with current clients, and the Internet at large, through GitHub so that you too may benefit from giving your clients increased visibility. You may access the GitHub project here:

This addition was spurred by requests from our clients. Limestone Networks takes client feedback very seriously and is always interested in hearing feedback-- good or bad. If you are a current client who helped influence this feature-- thank you!