May 10, 2012

Month of May Sales Offering: Discounted Upgrades!

We want to help your businesses succeed. Your success is in our best interest. Frequently, success can be predicated upon whether or not you have the right tools for the job - and the right tools can be costly. The right server can be costly.

The costs related to purchasing the server most appropriate for your needs can especially add up when considering upgrades. For example, at standard pricing and configuration, a dual Intel Xeon 5620 would cost you $325.00. Equipped with upgrades of 14GB RAM, two 1TB RE3 HDDs, and RAID 1 would increase the cost by $205.00 to a grand total of $530.00. While we feel that this is reasonably priced in comparison to other dedicated server providers, we want to go the extra mile in order to give you the competitive edge. For instance, this same server with upgrades discounted at 50% would only cost $427.50 – a savings of $102.50.

For the remainder of May, we are offering discounted upgrades of 50% on all new orders*. Why stop there? Do you have existing servers that you have discovered need more memory or other upgrades? We want to help you with this as well. For the remainder of May, we are also offering upgrades of 40% for existing servers.

We care for our clients. We want you to grow and have the right tools at the right price. We feel that this offering accomplishes this objective and hope you do too!

May Offering:

  1.      50% off upgrades for new orders. Coupon code: SNMAY10
  2.      40% off upgrades for existing servers. Please see your account specialist for assistance.

*Other than existing Reseller Discounts, this offering cannot be combined with any other sale.

** Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 and Windows 2008 Data Center R2 are not included with this offering.