Feb 06, 2012

Limestone Networks: The Place for Startups

We love startups. We get it. We understand and know what you have been through to get here. Not many years ago, we were a startup as well. We want to make it as easy as possible to get your server up and running. We are large enough to have the resources of an enterprise-class provider, yet small enough to adapt to the needs of our clients. We want to be your go-to source. We want you to grow and we will give you all the tools necessary to grow a successful business at a price that only a startup can truly appreciate.

Do you have concerns regarding your marketing efforts and how to drive interest in your product? Our partnership with AdRoll can provide you with a helpful jump-start that's certain to attract interested parties. Do you wish to modify your product or service in accordance with your customer's needs? The people at UserVoice, another outstanding partner of ours, are experts at engaging and organizing customer feedback. How about graphics design? Startups are often short of in-house graphic designers, and it can be a challenge finding a quality solution at the right price. Fortunately, however, we also have an answer for this through our partnership with DesignPax, a New York City based outfit whose creative team is top-notch.

Yes, it's true, we love start-ups. The road may have been hard thus far, but it can get easier. The answer is following a path that has been well traveled. Follow the path that others have successfully traversed. Here's a hint: It's simple, solid, superior, and paved in limestone.

May your journey be fruitful. We'll be expecting you.