Jun 29, 2009

Limestone Networks Introduces a New Line

Limestone Networks is pleased to announce the release of a new line of servers. Today, we have unveiled the addition of six new servers to our offering. The new configurations feature a boost in bandwidth along with upgraded RAM and hard drives.

Q9300 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 3000GB BW $149.99
Q9550 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 6000GB BW $164.99
Q9650 8GB RAM 1TB HDD 9000GB BW $199.99
2XE5405 Harpertown 2GB RAM 250GB RE3 HDD 3000GB BW $209.99
2XE5504 Nehalem 4GB RAM 250GB RE3 HDD 3000GB BW $279.99
2XE5540 Nehalem 4GB RAM 250GB RE3 HDD 3000GB BW $369.99

This new line is yet another example of how our passionate team continues to raise the bar and offer clients the most competitive configurations at unbelievable pricing. This new offering is available now on the website. As always, upgrades are welcome. For special offers on this new line, please contact our sales team via live chat or at 214.586.0555x1.