Jun 02, 2009

Limestone Networks Further Improves Network with New Transit Provider

Dallas, TX, June 2, 2009 - Limestone Networks, Inc., the Dallas-based dedicated server company, has partnered with a new transit provider, NTT/Verio. NTT is one of the few Tier 1 transit providers across the globe that currently offers native IPv6 connectivity. This is an advantage for Limestone Networks as IPv4 space becomes increasingly scarce over the next few years. Logan Vig, CTO of Limestone Networks, comments that, "This will be a huge asset as we plan to begin researching IPv6 options and working to build a relievable, native, and scalable IPv6 offering for our customers."

NTT, the world’s top ranked Tier 1 IP backbone, features the largest capacity between Japan and the U.S. and will improve routing for Asia-based Limestone Network clients.

Limestone Networks already provides clients with Tier 1 bandwidth carriers including Level3, Time Warner, Global Crossing, and Internap.

The new changes, which were put online earlier this week, are in conjunction with network changes made previously this year. Limestone Networks has already upgraded the existing network by implementing Internap® Flow Control Platform™ (FCP) solution. This change allows data to flow through the best performing route on the network.

These upgrades are all part of Limestone Network’s continued commitment to innovation and improvement. Contact the Limestone Networks Sales Team at sales@limestonenetworks.com to experience a simple, solid, and superior network.