Apr 10, 2012

LimeAid Survey Results & Assessment

Recently, Limestone Networks surveyed their clients in order to gauge the performance of their LimeAid service. The results were commendable.

LimeAid was first launched in February of 2011 as a new managed service offering in partnership with GlowTouch Technologies. Although Limestone Networks began as an unmanaged dedicated server provider, they have always endeavored to provide clients with superior service. It’s this disposition that formed the underpinnings of LimeAid. When integrating a new offering into an existing service, it can take time to hammer out the details. Limestone Networks’ believes that LimeAid has effectively negotiated the early challenges of product integration and is firing on all cylinders. The survey results concur with this assessment.

The results are as follows:

1.         4 out of every 5 survey participants believed that:

a.         LimeAid resolved their issues.

b.         LimeAid responded in a timely manner.

c.         Technicians were technically competent.

d.         LimeAid technicians communicated clearly.

2.         Most participants believed that LimeAid technicians were friendly.

3.         Over half the participants would recommend LimeAid to others.

4.         Of the participants that had used another managed service provider in the past, 76% believed that LimeAid was at least as good in comparison. Many of these actually rated LimeAid as superior.

5.         89% of survey participants regarded the LimeAid service as a good value.

In addition to favorable survey results, Limestone Networks also received a number of solid recommendations:

“Just thanks to all operators and sys admins! LimeAid is very helpful for my business.” Brazil.

“LimeAid saved me from nightmares.” Mexico.

“LimeAid service is the best solution for me who do not understand the ins and outs of a server. Thanks to LimeAid team.” Indonesia.

Kris Anderson, Director of Support at Limestone Networks, had the following to say regarding the survey, “I’m pleased with the feedback we’ve received from our clients. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to provide exceptional support. The partnership that we have with GlowTouch, to provide a seamless and successful avenue for clients to get managed support, allows us to stay true to our motto: Simple, Solid, Superior.”

GlowTouch Director of Support Services, Paul Kuamoo, was equally pleased. He remarked, “The results from the LimeAid customer service survey are incredibly satisfying, and a direct testament to GlowTouch’s dedicated support specialists.  In Limestone Networks, we have a partner who shares our commitment to genuine customer service.  Adapting alongside the needs of LimeAid customers, we’ll continue searching for creative ways to ensure unsurpassed customer satisfaction.”

Having been proven in the adversarial fires common to managed support services, Limestone Networks has concluded that LimeAid is golden, and according to the survey responses, they believe that their clients would agree.

For more information on Limestone Networks, visit the website at LimestoneNetworks.com or contact an Account Specialist at sales(at)limestonenetworks(dot)com.