Aug 22, 2013

Free Kingston SSDs added to order form

SSDNOWSSD technology has arrived. Prices are down, quality is up, and speeds are faster than ever. While solid state drives were formerly a costly indulgence better suited for consumer use, they've become a fundamental tool in the server room of most administrators. Accordingly, Limestone Networks, a veteran in SSD equipped dedicated servers, is now offering the Enterprise-grade 60GB Kingston KC300 as a free alternative to their traditional hard disk drive counterparts. Like our provisioning times, these drives are fast and are available now on the order form. Get yours today!

Kingston SSDNow KC300 Drives Feature:
•  Advanced Power Management – extends notebook battery life during a typical computing session
•  Fast – dramatic performance increase for any system upgrade
•  Endurance – Data Integrity Protection featuring DuraClass technology
•  Durable – DuraWrite optimizes writes to extend endurance
•  Dependable – RAISE reduces the number of uncorrectable errors on the drive
•  Multiple capacities – the right capacity to meet your storage needs