Sep 04, 2013

Fast Provisioning

It's one thing for a dedicated server provider to brag about the average speed of their monthly provisioning times, but what about a provider that has been historically fast year after year?

Limestone Networks has a sustained track record of fast provisioning. Since we migrated our build & support departments from the corporate office to the data center in late 2008, our provisioning times have been spectacular. We've documented our historical provisioning times in the table below. Keep in mind that Limestone Networks custom builds their servers according to client specification. Do you need a dedicated server, or are you looking to establish a partnership with a reputable provider that you can depend on to spin up a server quickly? We're the proven foundation for businesses requiring fast server provisioning. But don't take my word for it, come see for yourself!

[table id=1 /]

“Third server from @LimestoneInc provisioned in under 1hr, upgrades completed in approx 45m. Well done! #Gratitude”
" technician started building my server 5:30am my time and it was up by 7:15am. Previously on (company1) and (company2) I had to wait 5 days for my dedi."
"I've had servers delivered in under 2 hours!"
"Thanks for an ultra fast provision time and fast support answers. Great first few hours."
"...I just had the fastest setup time ever of 25 minutes on my Dual E5-2620 With windows.. Insane"