Mar 22, 2018

Domain Registrar OnlineNIC Celebrates 4 Years of Continuous Uptime

WorldWide domain registrar, OnlineNIC, celebrated 4 years of Continuous uptime OnlineNICfor their registrar services and API. OnlineNIC was among the first domain registrars to receive accreditation from ICAAN in 1996. Their storied past has given company leaders a wealth of experience in hosting dedicated servers for their registrar infrastructure as well as hosting servers to provide Reseller Hosting and Business Email hosting services to their clients.

Being one of the largest domain registrars globally, any downtime to their system would be catastrophic and, frankly, just not good for business. Achieving ultimate uptime, along with enterprise-grade durability and performance can be a challenge for many registrars. Depending on the size of their business and the quantity of domains which their DNS system is responsible for, their given network traffic can be wildly unpredictable, at best. With thousands of clients online simultaneously, it is imperative to ensure that systems will withstand these bursts and remain online, not to mention provide consistent performance without becoming bogged down from the added stress.

Domain Reseller Business Model

In addition to the typical registrar systems, OnlineNIC provides a Domain API system to all clients. OnlineNIC's business model is somewhat unique in relation to other domain registrars, as they provide services explicitly through a tiered Reseller model, meaning the vast majority of their clients are web hosting providers and domain name resellers. Typically, clients from these industries will prefer interacting remotely with the registrar system via API for all domain activities, from registering the names to performing domain administration tasks, such as updating the nameservers. This has been a great approach to the industry for OnlineNIC, as they have developed a reputation for their Domain Reseller discount programs and numerous API integrations.

This also adds an additional mission-critical system to support and maintain that other registrars do not undertake. The API must be online at all times as it is integrated into the businesses of thousands of their clients. So any downtime or failures would have significant ripple effects and cause trouble for businesses across the Internet.

Finding a Suitable Dedicated Server Provider

Recognizing their need for a fairly "scalable" solution for their business-critical applications and requirements for enterprise-level performance and uptime, we, at Limestone Networks, decided to offer our services. With our ability to provide same-day deployments for custom dedicated server requirements, 24-hour on-demand support within minutes (sometimes seconds), enterprise networks-well in excess of 100Gbps, and multiple automated redundancies at every fail-point, OnlineNIC has provided over 4 years of uninterrupted services to their clients. The credit for this does not lie with us, but with our client, who is ultimately responsible for the design, maintenance and administration of such a fantastic network of services.

“Limestone Networks has delivered to us what no other data center has been able to, which is fast deployment, fast support, and fast network-and consistency!" says OnlineNIC Representative Luke Wayne. "We also appreciate their willingness to provide and deliver custom quotes and hardware, when needed. You do not see this approach managed anywhere as efficiently as Limestone Networks, which is why OnlineNIC will continue to call their network and facilities home.”

“We always take great pride in the success of our partners. OnlineNIC is a fantastic example as they approach 4 years of Continuous service. This speaks more to their skilled staff and well-designed platform than anything," adds Account Manager, Scott Claeys. "We are just proud to have been here to witness this tremendous feat. Kudos to OnlineNIC and we wish them many more years of continued success!”

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