May 22, 2012

Clients Testimonials and Recommendations!

When making decisions on whether or not to purchase products or services from new suppliers, people often want to know what others think. Thankfully, Limestone Networks has ample feedback in this regard! Please take a look at the following client testimonials and recommendations. We want you to feel confident that Limestone Networks is a dedicated server hosting company that you can depend on. There’s a reason why our motto is “Simple, Solid & Superior.” It’s because we are!

(This is some of the feedback we’ve received for the last month.)

“Just wanted to give a shoutout to Curtis over at Limestone! This is our first troubleshooting ticket we've ever opened at LSN for the 2 years we've been with LSN. I had some problems with our unmanaged server that we had running ESXi. My last resort was to reboot the entire machine but it never came back online. Submitted a ticket, and Curtis diagnosed the issue, had it on the bench, replaced the PSU and had us back up and running in... TWENTY minutes. 20 minutes. Unbelievable. Thank you, Curtis and LSN... we're glad you had a chance to show us that we made the right decision to be your customer. Thanks!” Dean Liou.

“Thanks to our datacenters, we celebrated 100% uptime on ALL servers during the month of April 2012! Special thanks to Limestone Networks Inc.. - our servers there control access to all data centers! We definitely chose the best partners to bring you the BEST hosting service on the web today!”DirectAdmin Hosting.

“I hosted a pretty large Minecraft server with Limestone about a year and a half ago, using the Intel Core2Quad Q9300 with the upgrade to a Q9400 and a 100MPBS uplink. I was definitely pleased with the service and what I got and would recommend it to anybody!” Nick Deeds.

“Thanks Limestone Networks Inc.! Ticket opened: 173543. You guys rock!” Ryan Hoffman.

”They responded to a ticket in 23 seconds, can't beat that!” Buycraft.

“Their support is the best ever! Personal account manager + Support tickets are zoo fast!” Harry Williams.

“My new server was provisioned in 18 minutes. That's phenomenal!” Andrew Hilson.

“Supports' average response time is only 4 minutes right now!” ElpisHost

“Looking for a dedicated server? You can't find too much better than @LimestoneInc!” Neo Soon Keat.

“My servers are online to almost 200 days without problems. Thank you!” DDR Host.

“…I personally have never dealt with a company so good in terms of pricing/support.” Buycraft.

“There are very few datacenters of this caliber left in the US today. LSN is in the top 3 IMHO!“ Joseph Mack.