Oct 05, 2021

The Benefits of Private Cloud - When Protection and Privacy Matter Most

You worked hard to build your business up to what it is today and you’re beginning to realize it’s time to have ownership of your data without fear of exposure. This is where private cloud comes in:

Single tenant cloud environments running on bare-metal cloud hardware. Private cloud offers more security and higher performance while keeping cost under control.

What this means is that you own the hardware and can provision virtual environments to others within your organization. In addition, the private cloud design also offers you the flexibility to customize the hardware components.

So, what freedoms does a private cloud server give you?

You will hardly find a more secure option when it comes to cloud computing. Private cloud servers are the best resource for companies and individuals looking to keep their data protected from outside sources.

Versus in a public cloud space you share that piece of the server pie with others, potentially leading to exposure.

How do you know if Private Cloud is for you?

Private cloud is the ideal solution for companies who struggle with the rigid public cloud virtual machine configurations, suffer from extremely high bandwidth costs prevalent among public cloud providers, or have resource needs that are better served using custom-tailored server hardware configurations.

What other benefits do you get with a private cloud server?

Custom Built

Private cloud built to your data and security needs.

Flexible Billing with Rapid Scalability

Scale up or down as needed. Down to the minute.

Network Protection

All instances come standard with security group firewalls. Any instance can be built with DDoS protection.

Solid Network

Fast, low latency 100Gbps+ network connects our hypervisors to the Internet and private network over IPv4 and IPv6.

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