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BACKUP – When disaster strikes is too late.

We lose things all the time. Your data could be the heart of your business and to lose that could be a disaster. Backing up your data is your solution. Your server could fail, you could be hacked, receive a virus, or the hard drive could crash and the information lost or corrupted. A backup plan is essential and takes only a little time to get set up and regularly backup your valuable information.


  • Backup to secondary hard drive. Just attach and backup daily, weekly or as you determine. You can add and run a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) to spread data over multiple disks and with battery backup provides data protection from power loss during the backup process. Limestone Networks offers RAID and recommends its use to boost backup performance and recovery.  Pros: Simple and inexpensive. Cons: Extended downtime or loss of both drives with the server. It too will eventually fail. redundant array of independent disks
  • Backup to network attached storage. For a monthly fee you can subscribe to online services that will provide a remote disk that you can run a backup copy on and access in time of need. Basically the same thing as backing up to another hard drive in another server and hosting companies like Limestone Networks offer NAS drives as a part of their regular service offering. They offer this for all their active servers complimentary up to 20 gigabits. Pros: The information can be restored from the backup whenever your disaster strikes from their service backup. Cons: Only as good as the service provider and it does cost a monthly fee. Not necessarily off site but is away from the server.
  • Backup using incremental real-time agent. There are companies such as Acronis and Backblazethat provide cloud backup services. Limestone and Acronis have a hosting partnership, allowing all Limestone clients the opportunity to use Acronis’s industry-leading backup agent to store their backups on Limestone’s triple-redundant Salt Lake City disaster recovery datacenter. These backups are transferred over Limestone’s private network connection between our DFW1/LAX1 facilities and the SLC1 facility so your server’s public network bandwidth is not used performing the backups. Together with the powerful agent tools of Acronis and the reliability of Limestone Networks cloud storage at affordable pricing, Limestone clients sleep easy with the assurance of their data being stored safely and securely off site.


Backup in multiple formats.  Redundant backup, preferably away from your physical server, on a regular schedule is your best bet when disaster does strike.


OpenStack Public Cloud at Limestone Networks

OpenStack Public Cloud

OpenStack Public Cloud

What is OnePortal Rapid?

Not all public cloud services are the same. Limestone Networks closely integrates with OpenStack to provide you with a flexible public cloud IaaS solution based on your business needs. Here are some of the benefits of this service that you need to know about.

Public Cloud Hosting

Using the open source cloud technology leveraged by LSN, you can build and deploy applications with OpenStack-based API libraries and CLI tools. As a result, you can reduce storage costs and safeguard your data in the event of a network failure or other emergency. Scale using common libraries. Track and manage cloud services through your personalized OpenStack Horizon dashboard. It’s really simple.

The OnePortal Rapid system boasts the latest security features, and you can access your resources in just seconds. The fast 100Gbps+ network connects to the internet and private networks over IPv4 and IPv6. Other benefits of the OnePortal Rapid system include pre-built flavors, images, and licensing add-ons.

Cloud Reseller Program

Limestone Networks offers an API-driven OpenStack cloud reseller program. With the powerful WHMCS plugin by ModulesGarden, you can provide your customers and clients with the latest services from Limestone Networks under your own brand name. There are several flavors and storage fabric combinations to choose from, so you can customize this cloud server hosting service any way you like. We manage the cloud. You manage your customers.

Scale Up or Down, Anytime You Like

You can quickly scale OpenStack instances up and down through CLI, APIs, or directly from the dashboard, depending on your requirements. Limestone Networks has an innovative utility-style billing system, where you only pay for the services and resources that you actually use. Just pay as you go or be billed in regular increments.


Limestone Networks provides you with unparalleled support. The free support boasts 10-minute response times. Add-on options provide you with routine server checkups and pro-active server management for a small monthly fee. This way, you can keep your infrastructure and software protected with the latest system patches and prevent hackers from stealing your valuable data.

Looking for superior public cloud services with all of the feature-rich tools? You’re in the right place. Limestone Networks specializes in cloud services, dedicated servers and reseller programs that will benefit your brand.

What’s more? It’s completely free to sign up. Discover the benefits of your new cloud today.


Limestone Networks Launches Los Angeles Bare-Metal Hosting Service

Limestone Networks is extending its premium hosting network with the addition of its new LAX1 data center, housed in Equinix’s LA4 facility in Los Angeles, California. The LAX1 data center expands the company’s network footprint beyond its established hubs in Dallas, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

At this world-class LAX1 facility, Limestone offers an array of immediately available bare-metal configurations, featuring the latest AMD EPYC processors and unmetered gigabit bandwidth options. “With a client base spanning the globe, it is a common request from our APAC clients to bring our first-rate hosting platform to the West Coast,” said Preston Gosdin, VP of Limestone Networks. “Today we are answering those requests with the latest hardware on a lightning fast network.”

Customers utilizing Limestone’s LAX1 data center enjoy advanced network features. A key feature is standard access to Limestone’s private network mesh of its Dallas, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City regions. This mesh over Limestone’s private networking backbone enables seamless interconnection among bare-metal, cloud, and colocated services at any of Limestone’s facilities. Limestone also offers 1Tbps+ of DDoS mitigation capacity, shielding servers against the largest network attacks on the Internet.

Technical specs of the Equinix LA4 facility housing Limestone’s LAX1 data center features N+1 power, cooling redundancy, and ISO 2700, SAE16 SOC-1 Type II, and SOC-2 Type II certifications. All LAX1 servers are backed by the same 99.9% uptime guarantee offered at Limestone’s Dallas and Salt Lake City locations.

For a limited time, Limestone is offering its E3-1230 configuration for only $99/month — the best value in the Los Angeles hosting market. The E3-1230 configuration includes dual 4TB hard drives with unmetered 1Gbps Internet and private network connections.

“We worked with our clients to formulate the best hardware configuration, coupled with extremely high bandwidth capacity on our premium network, to meet anyone’s hosting needs,” said Christopher Hill, Operations Manager.

Limestone Networks is the leading provider of on-demand cloud, bare-metal, and colocation solutions. Its American-based support team is available 24/7/365, and all services include multi-layered physical security, triple redundancy, and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone prides itself in combining quality, state-of-the-art hardware with its industry leading support. Limestone also offers a generous reseller program and a fully-automated client management portal.

For more information about the LAX1 data center, please contact Limestone Networks via live chat or email


Domain Registrar OnlineNIC Celebrates 4 Years of Continuous Uptime

WorldWide domain registrar, OnlineNIC, celebrated 4 years of Continuous uptime OnlineNICfor their registrar services and API. OnlineNIC was among the first domain registrars to receive accreditation from ICAAN in 1996. Their storied past has given company leaders a wealth of experience in hosting dedicated servers for their registrar infrastructure as well as hosting servers to provide Reseller Hosting and Business Email hosting services to their clients.

Being one of the largest domain registrars globally, any downtime to their system would be catastrophic and, frankly, just not good for business. Achieving ultimate uptime, along with enterprise-grade durability and performance can be a challenge for many registrars. Depending on the size of their business and the quantity of domains which their DNS system is responsible for, their given network traffic can be wildly unpredictable, at best. With thousands of clients online simultaneously, it is imperative to ensure that systems will withstand these bursts and remain online, not to mention provide consistent performance without becoming bogged down from the added stress.

Domain Reseller Business Model

In addition to the typical registrar systems, OnlineNIC provides a Domain API system to all clients. OnlineNIC’s business model is somewhat unique in relation to other domain registrars, as they provide services explicitly through a tiered Reseller model, meaning the vast majority of their clients are web hosting providers and domain name resellers. Typically, clients from these industries will prefer interacting remotely with the registrar system via API for all domain activities, from registering the names to performing domain administration tasks, such as updating the nameservers. This has been a great approach to the industry for OnlineNIC, as they have developed a reputation for their Domain Reseller discount programs and numerous API integrations.

This also adds an additional mission-critical system to support and maintain that other registrars do not undertake. The API must be online at all times as it is integrated into the businesses of thousands of their clients. So any downtime or failures would have significant ripple effects and cause trouble for businesses across the Internet.

Finding a Suitable Dedicated Server Provider

Recognizing their need for a fairly “scalable” solution for their business-critical applications and requirements for enterprise-level performance and uptime, we, at Limestone Networks, decided to offer our services. With our ability to provide same-day deployments for custom dedicated server requirements, 24-hour on-demand support within minutes (sometimes seconds), enterprise networks-well in excess of 100Gbps, and multiple automated redundancies at every fail-point, OnlineNIC has provided over 4 years of uninterrupted services to their clients. The credit for this does not lie with us, but with our client, who is ultimately responsible for the design, maintenance and administration of such a fantastic network of services.

Limestone Networks has delivered to us what no other data center has been able to, which is fast deployment, fast support, and fast network-and consistency!” says OnlineNIC Representative Luke Wayne. “We also appreciate their willingness to provide and deliver custom quotes and hardware, when needed. You do not see this approach managed anywhere as efficiently as Limestone Networks, which is why OnlineNIC will continue to call their network and facilities home.”

“We always take great pride in the success of our partners. OnlineNIC is a fantastic example as they approach 4 years of Continuous service. This speaks more to their skilled staff and well-designed platform than anything,” adds Account Manager, Scott Claeys. “We are just proud to have been here to witness this tremendous feat. Kudos to OnlineNIC and we wish them many more years of continued success!”

Could your business benefit from access to customizable dedicated servers or hosting infrastructure solutions? Provide us with your contact information and any details you wish to include and our Account managers will reach out directly to learn more about your business and discuss how a Solid, Secure, and Simplified approach to Cloud, Server Hosting, and Colocation may provide the most direct path to meeting these goals.


How SGS Technologie is Scaling Managed IT Services with Limestone Networks

Global IT and Software Development firm SGS Technologie Pvt has provided technology solutions for nearly 15 years to clients across the globe. They offer clients a full-spectrum of business solutions from custom software and application development, web design and optimization, to managed IT and hosting services.

Their expertise in both Windows and Linux-based systems means they are able to offer more diverse applications and custom solutions, tailored to the needs of their clients. This is an obvious advantage to their clients and their business growth, but also provides a unique challenge to their hosting team. Having such a diverse service offering also brings the need for diverse infrastructure. They need to be able to access custom server environments, quickly, in order to take on new client projects and manage ongoing IT solutions for their existing clients.

This is where SGS Technologie has been able to find a partner in Limestone Networks, an enterprise hosting provider.

“Limestone Networks has emerged as a reliable source of customized server deployments and on-demand cloud infrastructure. We are always glad to be working with Limestone Networks, even more so when we are facing strict deadlines from clients, because we know where we can get our infrastructure and server needs fulfilled on short notice”, President of SGS Technologie PVT, Bhushan Reddy says.  “They always offer high-performance network and hardware and back it up with their insanely quick server delivery and support responsiveness. It is always a pleasure to deal with the professionals at LSN. ”

Providing  access to flexible and readily-available server infrastructure is Limestone’s game, which makes the partnership, ever more ideal for the both companies.

“We operate under the notion that each solution is unique, and do our best to assist clients in meeting whatever challenges their business faces today.” Limestone Networks Account Manager, Scott Claeys, provided. “If this is short deadline or custom hardware or network requirement, or even a budgetary challenge, we will always be interested to know the details, and will offer solutions to assist our partners overcome their obstacles. We see our partners as our greatest assets and consider helping them meet their goals to actually be the most direct path to achieving ours.”

Could your business benefit from access to customizable dedicated servers or hosting infrastructure solutions? Provide us with your contact information and any details you wish to include and our Account managers will reach out directly to learn more about your business and discuss how a Solid, Secure, and Simplified approach to Cloud, Server Hosting, and Colocation may help you reach your business goals.


Why Limestone Networks for Reselling Dedicated Servers?

Thinking about getting into the world of reselling dedicated server hosting? If so, then Limestone Networks has some great options for you. Reselling dedicated hosting can be a great way to bring in some additional income for your business. Not to mention, when you use our dedicated server reseller program, you’ll enjoy a number of perks for yourself as well. It’s truly a win-win for all involved! 

Benefits of Reselling a Dedicated Server 

There are numerous benefits to reselling a dedicated server. The biggest benefit for a business owner or entrepreneur is that it allows you to start a business at a low cost. There is little investment on your part compared to starting your own dedicated hosting company. This cost savings can also be passed on to your customers. And with a dedicated hosting reseller program, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being able to “break down” your current hosting so you can allocate as much or as little to your clients as needed. This is a great way to maximize your profits and maintain control over your server at the same time. 

How Reseller Program Works 

So, how does the Limestone Networks reseller program work? It is designed to maximize the benefits for resellers and provide you with a number of great perks and benefits that you simply cannot find elsewhere. For example, we allow our clients to retain total control over how they repackage and sell their dedicated servers. So you can take your unused hosting space and break it down into multiple accounts or you can choose to sell it all off at once. This flexibility is one feature that our clients seem to really enjoy, especially for those who work in web design and similar industries.

In addition, you’ll never have to pay any monthly fees or up-front costs to be a part of our reseller program.  We also do not require a minimum on the number of sales you need to make in order to keep your membership active. You can sell as much or as little as you like without having to worry. Plus, you’ll enjoy a discount on your own hosting when you’re a part of our reseller program, which helps you maximize profits. This discount provides up to 25% off dedicated servers! 

How to Get Started With Reselling 

If you’re interested in setting up an account with our reseller hosting program, it couldn’t be easier to join. Sign up as a Reseller to gain access to our enterprise network, premium API, and lucrative incentives. Our brand new WHMCS module makes adding dedicated hosting to your company’s portfolio of services more simple and seamless than ever! 

And of course, if you have any questions in the meantime, or want help with other aspects of purchasing a dedicated server, our team is always here to assist you. Simply contact Limestone Networks today to get the answers to your questions.


Limestone Networks Unveils Product Line Refresh and Massive Bandwidth Increases

Limestone Networks, a leading cloud IaaSdedicated server hosting, and colocation provider, has unveiled a complete product line refresh with a focus on the increasing trend toward dense, high throughput bare-metal servers. They have introduced new high-end single and dual processor servers to their product lines. “Our custom spec build department has seen a significant uptick in high core-count, high throughput dual-processor server requests over the last 12 months”, VP Preston Gosdin states, “so satisfying that need with our new standard stock offering was a top priority. Customers no longer need to special order high end CPUs such as the E5-2690 v4, because they are now included as normal stock servers on our order form.” Also offered are the new E3-1200 v6 series CPUs, along with the high core-count E5-1600 v4 CPUs.

Limestone expects the trend toward these high-end offerings to continue as more and more customers virtualize, containerize, and cloud-enable their applications. Bundle these new server offerings with Limestone’s top notch managed support packages, high-end network, and diverse software licensing options, to experience quality hosting at unrivaled prices in the bare-metal hosting market.

To set themselves completely apart from the competition, Limestone also announced that 100 TB (terabytes) of outbound bandwidth is now included with all normal stock dedicated server packages. In this market quality hosting companies rarely offer more than 30TB of bandwidth bundles with their servers, Limestone has changed the game by offering this extremely high throughput on servers costing as little as $138 per month. This offering is on Limestone’s world class hosting network comprising of more than 100 GBps of internet capacity, 5+ carriers, and soon expanding to multiple regions. The value of this default bandwidth availability is another example of how Limestone Networks is leading the dedicated hosting industry to the next level.

If you are in the hosting business and are seeking a hosting provider with a proven network, and now a new product lineup that includes high end single and dual CPUs or high core-count CPUs, then Limestone Networks should be on your list of established cloud, IaaS and dedicated server hosting providers.

For more information concerning the new product line, please visit them in live chat or email them at


Colocation or Dedicated Servers – What is Best for my Business?

Ever tried to decide between Colocation Servers and Dedicated Servers and wondered what the differences are that can make the Colocation option preferable or not? The information below will make your decision more informed and easier.  Of course, every decision depends on your particular situation and current needs. That being said, by the end of this blog you will have the proper knowledge to make the correct decision for yourself.


What is a Colocation Server?


A colocation server is a server that you build and customize or order pre-built from the manufacturer or Hosting Company. You can have it tailor-made to your business needs or you can use an off-the-shelf model. This depends on the level of technical competency you or your IT staff has with respect to the design and build of your project’s server(s). A colocated server is operated from a data center where security is much greater and power and bandwidth is easily tapped into and always available. The Colocation Host will see that the colocation server has internet access, cooling, and electricity. You will pay a colocation fee on a monthly basis. Often these fees are greater or higher depending on the data center where the colocation is desired. Such things as electricity cost, bandwidth selection, redundant power or emergency power provisions, privacy and security certifications, location, and service all go into the price you will be charged in your monthly colocation fee.


What is a Dedicated Server?


A dedicated server is leased from a hosting provider such as Limestone Networks, Inc. The dedicated server will be located either within whatever data center you select, or whatever data center is available. Sometimes there is a setup fee but the fee is typically negotiable if you agree to a long-term contract or are deploying in bulk.  Dedicated servers usually come with some items pre-installed, and there can be a spectrum of support available depending on how much the business is willing to pay. Some dedicated servers will come with no support, and other dedicated servers can be configured with support upgrades like proactive management or troubleshooting. You can even find hosting companies that specialize in managed services. There are numerous hosts that offer dedicated servers, and it’s important to find a host with good up-time and a responsive support staff. Take a look at this great offer for dedicated servers


What should I consider when deciding between these solutions?


A colocated server is all yours. Like a house or car, once you buy it the expenses of running, maintaining, improving, and managing it are your responsibility. While a colocated server allows you more control over the actual hardware you must be able to manage it on your own.  This could be more expensive on a monthly basis, at least in the short term, than leasing a dedicated server from a hosting company. You can completely manage a colocated server, but that will require a local technician to work on it directly for you, or you will need to pay the colocation host a remote hands fee to repair, diagnose, replace, or troubleshoot any problems you have with your equipment. This means that colocated servers are best suited towards businesses that require advanced technology and that have the budget for IT staff or remote hands. Look for hosts that provide both month to month servers and colocation. Check to see if they will also finance hardware. They may be willing to build to your specifications and provide overall financing for the same term as your colocation contract.

A dedicated server belongs to the hosting company provider, not you, so if a hardware part fails you just open a ticket and they will fix it or replace it at their expense, typically within a short hardware SLA guarantee. Colocation servers belong to you and you are responsible for troubleshooting hardware issues and handling that on your own or by hiring someone, usually the colocation host provider, to resolve your hardware or software problem. If you start with updated equipment and infrastructure you can still rely upon your manufacturer’s warranty. Consider a colocation provider who will provide proactive management and monitor your hardware periodically.  A dedicated server is an excellent choice for businesses that do not require highly technical specifications or do not have the staff or expertise to manage the server(s). Dedicated servers may have higher monthly fees but will have lower upfront costs.


Are There Any Other Options?


Many businesses are moving towards cloud-based computingCloud-based computing can take a little time to adjust to and may require additional training. In the long run, it could prove more useful, efficient, and cost-effective than other options. Cloud-based technology has similar benefits to colocated and dedicated servers by allowing connectivity on a global scale, but rather than being a single server it connects to a network of advanced servers that are owned by the company providing the network.

Understanding your options and your particular needs and how those go hand in hand is where you start. Weighing the possibilities of each against your time, experience, and particular business needs and circumstances can be confusing so do not hesitate to contact a hosting provider with specific questions regarding their service and hardware selection options. 


Limestone Networks rolls out Shared Local Storage Instances

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based cloud, dedicated, and colocation services provider, is happy to announce that they have rolled out shared cloud instances with local storage.

Dallas, Texas. January 17, 2017.

OnePortal Rapid, the feature-rich, high-performance public cloud service by Limestone Networks, now offers low-cost, locally-stored cloud instances among its wide-variety of flavors. Local storage is ideal for customers requiring less availability and faster IO for their projects.  VMs with local storage are supported by way of RAID 10 redundancy, and any attached volumes will make use of the advanced HA storage cluster. Pricing for instances with local storage is very competitive, and billing is based upon consumption.

For more information concerning OnePortal Rapid cloud servers please visit a sales representative in live chat, or email them at

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a leading provider of cloud, dedicated, and colocation services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, global content delivery network, with 24/7 passionate support.



Dual Intel E5-2600v4 Series Dedicated Servers now Available for Purchase

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based provider of cloud, dedicated, and colocation services, is pleased to formally announce the availability of Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 based dedicated servers.

Dallas, Texas. December 5, 2016.

Intel’s new V4 version of its E5-2600 series processor offers numerous upgrades to its V3 predecessor, and Limestone Networks is thrilled to announce its inclusion to their broad range of dedicated server offerings. A few of the more important updates to this model are as follows:

•   Over 20% more cores and cache than v3.
•   Supports faster max memory speed (2400 MHz).
•   Up to 9.6 GT/s of QPI speed per channel.
•   Improvements in virtualization efficiency.

The powerful new Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family offers versatility across diverse workloads. These processors are designed for architecting next-generation data centers running on, software defined infrastructure supercharged for efficiency, performance, and agile services delivery across cloud-native and traditional applications. They support workloads for cloud, high-performance computing, networking, and storage.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a leading provider of cloud, dedicated, and colocation services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, global content delivery network, with 24/7 passionate support.