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How do I access my server's IPMI?

All Xeon servers from Limestone Networks come with IPMI. Below you will find instructions on how to access and login to your IPMI through our control panel.

All servers with IPMI will have a small icon next to their server name that represents a console screen. This icon can be seen below and is always next to your server name and package icon.

Clicking on this icon will re-direct you to the URL for your server's IPMI interface.

You will login to the IPMI interface using the same username and password you use for our control panel.

If your control panel password is longer than 18 characters you will not be able to login to the IPMI. You can either change your password or create a new user in our control panel that you will use to access the IPMI.

If you have any questions or are having trouble logging into your IPMI please open a support ticket.