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How do I install an OS through a KVMoIP?

How To Log in

1. Login to the device by using https://[ip-address] in any browser as the client_access user.

Connecting to/Mounting the ISO

2. Click the KVM Console button at the top of the Spider web page.

3. Click the disk icon in the toolbar.

4. Click the Connect ISO button at the top of the page.

5. "Choose ISO image to redirect" will appear.

6. Browse to the ISO location, click it and press OK.

Setting the BIOS

You will need to press F12 to enter the boot Menu and then Select Boot from USB-CDROM. Setting it in the BIOS as your first boot device will not work. The BIOS does not detect it, and skips over it initially. Legacy USB Storage Detect MUST be enabled. Please be sure to DISABLE it, once you are finished as it can cause issues with some operating systems.

Intel Boards

In order to use Virtual Media with Intel Boards you need to change Wake on LAN from S5 to "Stay off" in the Power Settings.