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Quick answers to some of the most common questions.

What is rDNS?

rDNS is Reverse DNS.

rDNS operates in the exact opposite direction of DNS, it converts IP addresses into domains.

What do we need rDNS for?

One great use of rDNS is for e-mail servers. Example:

  • Your e-mail server contacts's mail server.
  • resolves into, in order to send information back to the server.
  • However, has security measures.. It wants to make sure really is, so it performs a rDNS lookup.
  • turns out to resolve to, so it sends it's data.

How do I modify rDNS records for my IP(s)?

The control panel enables the customer to modify rDNS entries directly to their IP address(s), via

Notice: Changes made to rDNS records may take up to 48 hours to fully take place.

rDNS via API

You may use our API to set rDNS entries without even visiting our control panel. Make rDNS settings available to your clients if you are a reseller.