Enterprise DDoS Protection

Free and paid protection options that ensure uptime.

Enterprise DDoS Protection Flow

DDoS attacks are constantly on the rise, and DDoS protection for your servers is now a necessity.

Basic Protection - Free

The basic protection that comes with all of our services is a mix of automated and manual detection in which a pre-defined set of rules is used to mitigate small attacks. If large attacks take place, we will disable the IP being attacked so that the rest of the IPs and services on your server continue to operate.

Enterprise DDoS Protection

We offer a monthly DDoS protection service that uniquely offers three layers of detection and protection. The service is available to all of our dedicated server and cloud clients. For only $20 per server we protect you from attacks up to 1Tbps and unlimited packets per second. To sign up, simply speak to an Account Specialist or upgrade directly through the Security Center in OnePortal.

Unmetered Incoming Bandwidth

Filtering of Common Attacks

Protection up to 1TBps

Enterprise Only

Multiple Layers of Protection

Enterprise Only

Heuristic (learning) Detection

Enterprise Only
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