Content Delivery Network

Global, Fast, and Secure

LSN CDN by Limestone Networks is a Content Delivery Network that spans the globe with 12 points of presence. Whether a web site is hosted at Limestone Networks or not, LSN CDN can be easily set up to decrease the load time of any web site by leveraging caching that is distributed around the world.

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Global CDN Locations


  • United States (7)
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey

Boost Performance

With your visitors loading files from LSN CDN servers near them, your web site will load faster. For example, a person in Brazil or the UK would load images and videos on your web site from a server in those locations.

Save Bandwidth

While utilizing LSN CDN a cache of your files is maintained in servers in several countries. This means that the bandwidth on your server or hosting plan will not be used as much.

Lower Server Load

If you maintain a dedicated or cloud server and are experiencing high server load peaks, utilizing LSN CDN will help stabilize your server's workload.

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