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Private vs Public Cloud


(Written by Keren Gosdin)

The simplest way to begin this debate is to first explain what a public cloud is. In its simplest form, a public cloud is an infrastructure built using shared computing resources that can provide service to multiple clients rather than being utilized by a single entity with sole access to the cloud. The data is stored in a data center offered by a provider who is also responsible for the up keeping and management of your cloud and the data center itself. Companies that are looking for quality cloud management at an affordable price should consider using a public cloud in order to have lower costs while maintaining peace of mind knowing their data is secure and properly hosted. Other key features that public cloud offers include the pay-per-use model along with quick access to resources otherwise difficult to obtain. Having a company managing your public cloud allows businesses to focus on company growth without having to worry about their data.

A private cloud on the other hand, typically resides within a company’s intranet or data center. This option can become pricey, as it requires the individual company to maintain it, replace servers as needed, and manage any issues that may arise. Technology is ever changing, and with these changes come upgrades, new software, and new infrastructure. The downfall of owning a private cloud comes with having to come up with funds to upgrade to these changes each and every year so as to not become obsolete. For clients looking for dedicated resources, Limestone Networks offers dedicated hardware on their d1 class instances in addition to bare-metal servers that will never be shared with another customer. Clients looking to keep their resources to themselves can trust Limestone Networks will have a solution.

Cost wary businesses recognize that they may not always have the funds to stay on top of these changes and instead turn to solutions like Limestone Networks’ public cloud, OnePortal Rapid. Trust your data to a company that has built their cloud using the latest open source technology to provide a swift, feature rich, highly available platform.

Several other key features include:

Flexible Billing:
Scale up or down as needed. Down to the minute, consumption only, utility-style billing model for OnePortal Rapid starting at $0.02 per hour.

Network Protection:
All instances come standard with security group firewalls. Any instance can be built with DDoS protection.

Solid Network:
Fast, low latency 100Gbps+ network connects our hypervisors to the Internet and private network over IPv4 and IPv6.


Limestone Networks is committed to offering its clients quality service and strives to continually roll out new features to OnePortal Rapid in order to ensure its clients are continually using state of the art technology without having to compromise price for quality. As more and more new features and changes roll out, it’s no wonder more businesses continue to turn to public cloud for their hosted services.

Looking for a public cloud solution? Ask for a test drive of OnePortal Rapid in live chat.

Photo by Jorg.

Finding the Best Dedicated Servers for Your Business

When determining the right hosting platform for business needs, there are many factors that must be considered. Many businesses have fairly simple web hosting requirements. They will host a company website used to inform potential clients and patrons about their services, physical location, and operating hours. These websites serve a critical purpose, and can have a large impact on the success of the businesses they represent. Despite the importance web hosting will play for these sites, they do not have great resource requirements.

Who needs Dedicated Servers?

In comparison, businesses which rely more heavily on web presence than physical location for client interaction will have a greater need for hosting resources.  For them, a website is their boardroom, their warehouse, and their storefront. For these organizations, under performing websites can leave the same impression on would-be clients as poorly kept or under-staffed brick-and-mortar locations. For this reason, many will require much more than a shared web hosting account to sufficiently handle their web presence.

Dedicated Servers are often described as the ultimate hosting service or the pinnacle of web hosting products. These single-tenant hosting solutions provide uncontested resources and a greater level of privacy (often perceived as security). The dedicated server is the backbone of the Internet, the infrastructure behind the information superhighway. For many organizations relying on the Internet as the foundation for their economies, dedicated servers are a requirement for operations to run effectively. Achieving the optimal mixture of premium hardware, network performance, and responsive support, with favorable pricing, is no simple task.

Who Offers the Best Solution?

lsn_box_largeWith 60,000 or so web hosting companies competing, pricing has generally trended in the favor of the dedicated server consumers, making the financial aspect of the equation more easily
obtainable. Premium hardware will have a different meaning to each company, based on their use case. For some, a large amount of disk storage is most important, for others, computing speed will be of greater consideration. Network performance, maximum uptime combined with minimal latency, is a more universal desire for companies, as is responsive on premise support (remote hands). Network lag, and slow or inadequate support response, is not going to satisfy many server customers.

When remote hardware or network issues happen, a minute can feel like an hour to the company who’s website is down and is waiting for data center staff to bring them back online. It disrupts business, can cause loss of profit, and can be damaging to company reputation.

What is the Best Solution?

Seek out honest, organic feedback from the clients who have gone before. web hosting forums, social media, and Google can all be helpful in finding real, honest client reviews. Run network tests to see how IP addresses and file downloads perform from various locations where your clients would be accessing the network. It is fairly standard for dedicated server providers to have these readily available and accessible for the public to test. Don’t let the lowest price trump the other considerations. That’s not to say that a higher price equals higher quality, or vice versa. When your system is offline, however, price won’t seem nearly as important, as business comes to a halt, and your sense of urgency towards the support techs is met with little regard.

There is no “best hosting provider.” Find the one that best complements your business requirements, and then let the magic happen. Leave a positive review on a forum thread or on social media. The provider will notice, and may be further motivated to continue providing the high-level of service that earned your public praise. Quality providers will strive to meet client approval.


Limestone Networks Announces Launch of OnePortal Rapid Cloud Platform

1U servers down angle“Our customers rely on us for a diverse service offering,” CEO Steve Evans said, “so we built a platform that has all of the benefits of cloud hosting, such as instant provisioning, scalability, flexible billing, and is even more customizable than the bare metal hardware builds we do daily.”

Virtual machines and bare-metal on the new platform are SSD-backed by default. However, customers can provision magnetic disk-backed VMs as well, or create and attach additional volumes on the fly. All data is replicated to 3 different servers regardless of the storage media used. This provides for seamless restoration of service to instances in the event of hardware failure, zero-downtime maintenance windows, and more efficient resource management to maintain peak performance. Redundant power and network are standard features on every instance and dedicated server provisioned under OnePortal Rapid.

In addition to sub-1-minute instance and dedicated server provisioning times, Limestone Networks has implemented an hourly, pay as you go, utility-style billing model for OnePortal Rapid starting $0.02 per hour, which will allow clients to scale cloud and dedicated servers up and down dynamically. This can be done via the Openstack Horizon web UI, or through the standard Openstack APIs, development libraries, and compatible applications. Snapshots of servers and volumes can be created quickly and cloned as needed. Clients can also upload RAW virtual machine images for private use.

Features that were previously under limited release to Limestone’s bare-metal and colocation products are standard in OnePortal Rapid. IPv6 is standard on public internet interfaces. DDoS protected IPs and Limestone Private Network interfaces are available on all servers. High speed network interfaces are standard. The minimum network interface speed is 20Gbps, so customers can rely on high speed clustering applications and easily scale internet services. As always, bandwidth on the Limestone Private Network between all services is free. Firewalls (security groups) are available and clients can use these to protect instances from unwanted malicious traffic while dynamically allowing desired services through use of the API or web interface.

Simplicity has been a focus of Limestone Networks from the start. OnePortal Rapid leverages Bitnami application images to enable one-click launching of instances with applications pre-installed and ready for use. Bitnami images offered at launch include WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Gitlab, and more. Ceph based replicated storage provides the service with highly-available, self-healing, software-defined storage to facilitate easy scaling. Various supported OS images are available for immediate deployment such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and CoreOS. Limestone Networks has done the hard work necessary to make using OnePortal Rapid simple and intuitive. “Our ease of use focus and complete automation provides a cloud computing alternative that is the optimum choice for both enterprise and small business use,” said Vice President, Preston Gosdin, “which allows everyone to scale their infrastructure seamlessly.”

Steve sitting1Limestone Networks has amassed deep expertise in deploying and operating Openstack through internal infrastructure utilization and upstream development contributions. As a committed Openstack operator and developer, Limestone Networks will continue adding features at a rapid pace and roll OnePortal Rapid out to a variety of regions over the coming months and years.

Limestone Networks is the leading IaaS provider of on-demand dedicated, cloud and hybrid hosting infrastructure and colocation solutions. Limestone Networks uses quality, state-of-art hardware and provides the most secure data center presence in the central United States. Their American based support team is available 24/7/365 and all their services include multi-layered physical security, triple redundancy, and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, and a fully automated client management portal.

For more information concerning the new product line, please visit them in live chat or email them at


Bare-Metal Backup

Bare-Metal Backup provides safe, secure and scalable data protection, bare-metal recovery, and on-site and cloud backup of any data, anywhere, anytime. It is a fully managed service – we will take care of your data protection and you focus on primary business tasks!

Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Bare-Metal Backup backs up disks, partitions, and files to our storage in a secure data center and allows to quickly recover selected files, folders, applications, or an entire system.

With unified Bare-Metal Backup, you get the dual protection you need in the event of a disaster. The Acronis AnyData Engine backs up to local storage on your premises for quick restore and to secure Acronis Cloud for recovery in the event of a disaster.

Why do you need Bare-Metal Backup powered by Acronis?

  • acronis_logoTo protect your data in the event any disaster
  • To quickly and easily implement a hybrid protection strategy
  • To replace tape and other legacy backup solutions

Why businesses choose LSN’s Bare-Metal Backup?

  • Protect Windows, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, and PCs.
  • Hybrid Protection: 3 locations, 2 types of media, 1 offsite.
  • Easy to manage backup service for small IT department.

Why businesses choose Bare-Metal Backup powered by Acronis?

  • Backup admins trust LSN’s proven bare-metal recovery
  • IT Managers value multi-platform data protection
  • CIOs trust Acronis’ brand, proven track record, and expertise

Key Features

  • Physical and virtual systems – protection of both physical and virtual systems in one service
  • File and disk image-based backup – backup of selected files or complete disk images
  • Bare-metal recovery – recovery to same or dissimilar hardware, even from the cloud
  • Local and cloud storage – support of local and safe cloud storage in our secure data center
  • Initial seeding to easily move large volumes of data to the cloud:
    1. Backup to an external HDD
    2. Courier it to Limestone Networks data center or direct to the Acronis data center
  • Multi-level security – AES-256 encryption, password protection and SSL
  • Acronis’ secure software-defined storage data center are equipped with all latest disaster prevention technologies, and are SSAE 16 certified

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms for BMB

Please visit one of our live chat representatives to take advantage of this important service.



Scaling the eCommerce Mountain Without a Harness

You want your website to attract more traffic, because more traffic equals more conversions, right? But what kind of experience will new visitors receive with high traffic volumes? Scalability is key when considering the future of your organization. If you aren’t prepared to handle the surge of new visitors your marketing campaign brings, your competitors will accept them with open arms.


Cramming your website onto a crowded hosting server is like inviting the entire community to your restaurant’s grand opening but only having three tables to seat them at. As the word-of-mouth spreads, it is not unusual for great concepts to experience rapid spikes in website traffic.

Each company is unique and has different needs. Traditional shared hosts often only offer one operating system and supply all users with identical light-version control panels, limiting program and application compatibility and forcing your company to conform to the one-size-fits-all configuration provided.


Unlike traditional shared hosting, the cloud delivers instant scalability and added redundancy in the event of hardware failure. Your bandwidth, memory, and disk space can be adjusted any time as your business needs change. This ensures that no customer is denied the high quality experience you intend to give them, even as traffic spikes, converting would-be customers into customers.

Because cloud servers use special software platforms across multiple dedicated servers, configurations are fully customizable. This will allow you to utilize solutions tailored specifically to your company’s vision and goals. Your site’s optimized layout and functionality will lead to increased conversions and cultivate your company’s growth.


About the Author
Scott studied Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas and is now an Account Executive with Limestone Networks. He helps organizations achieve alignment between their business strategy and infrastructure by offering customized, scalable network solutions. Outside of the office, Scott can be found exploring the great outdoors or enjoying a cold one while watching the game.

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Limestone Networks announces launch of Intel E3 V5 series

Limestone Networks, a leading provider of on-demand, cloud and dedicated hosting services, is pleased to formally announce the availability of Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 V5 series dedicated servers.

Dallas, Texas December 16, 2015. intel Xeon Processor

Intel’s new V5 version of its E3-1200 series processor offers numerous upgrades to its predecessor, and Limestone Networks is thrilled to announce its inclusion to their broad range of dedicated server offerings.

The Intel Platform Brief states, “The Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v5 product family offers dramatically higher CPU and graphics performance as compared to the previous generation, as well as ball grid array (BGA) parts for mobile workstation computing needs.”

For more information concerning the new product line, please visit them in live chat or email them at

About Us

Limestone Networks is a leading provider of on-demand cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, with 24/7 passionate support.


Load-Time and the Art of Infrastructure Selection

According to a 2012 study by Brand Perfect, 51% of US shoppers say they would abandon an online purchase if the site loaded slowly. Radware’s 2013 study found only a 2 second delay in page load times led to abandonment rates of up to 87%. Studies by go on to indicate that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, 40% will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 44% will tell their friends about unfavorable web experiences. Load-time, along with IP quality, also affects search engine rankings.

Today, slow load-times simply aren’t tolerated. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if no one is looking at it by the time your page gets around to loading.


With traditional web hosting, your site is hosted on a dedicated server with specific memory and bandwidth limits, but you’re not alone. Numerous other sites are operated on the same server, each vying for their piece of the pie. The media-heavy sites and sites experiencing higher-than-normal website traffic on your server will use larger chunks of the available bandwidth and disk space, leaving your site with access to less. This can give your potential customers a headache in the form of inconsistent performance.

Accomplishing faster page load times on an overcrowded server commonly means stripping page content, leaving your company to be represented by a forgettable skeleton of the original experience you intended your website would provide.


With a dedicated server, you are entitled to the entire bandwidth and disk space. Your pages will be delivered rapidly to your customers, without being impacted by other sites. The full bandwidth and disk space supported by a dedicated server also allow your company to stand out with engaging, content-rich pages, designed to optimize every web interaction. Dedicated servers do cost more than hosting plans, but site abandonment means fewer conversions. So, then, which actually costs more?


About the Author
Scott studied Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas and is now an Account Executive with Limestone Networks. He helps organizations achieve alignment between their business strategy and infrastructure by offering customized, scalable network solutions. Outside of the office, Scott can be found exploring the great outdoors or enjoying a cold one while watching the game.

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Portal Do Host Seleciona Limestone Networks como seu Provedor de Hospedagem Dedicada

Grande cominidade de hospedagem Brasileira escolhe servidores dedicados da Limestone Networks.      

Dallas, Texas. 30 de Junho de 2015.

Limestone Networks, fornecedora líder de serviços de hospedagem de dedicados e cloud, anunciou hoje que o Portal Do Host, a maior comunidade de hospedagem Brasileira, selecionou a Limestone Networks para sediar sua comunidade substancial e ativa de profissionais de hospedagem.

portaldohostDesde 2009, o Portal Do Host tem sido uma fonte importante de percepção e interação de hospedagem. Portal Do Host escolheu a Limestone Networks para hospedar seu site de alto volume, com mais de 9000 membros e numerosos visitantes diários, porque a LSN oferece excelentes links para o Brasil, serviço e apoio sólidos, e tem o hardware e redundância necessárias para garantir a alta disponibilidade.

“Fui com Limestone Networks porque eles são um nome de confiança na indústria de hospedagem. Eles oferecem um excelente suporte e conectividade para o Brasil “, disse Angélica Costa, Fundadora do Portal Do Host.” Meus membros são profissionais de hospedagem e têm direito a uma experiência de qualidade ao navegar meu site. ”

Felipe Fleury

Felipe Fleury

Limestone Networks está emocionada por estar fornecendo serviços de hospedagem dedicada a esta comunidade de hospedagem popular e acredita que isto irá reforçar ainda mais o seu alcance no mercado de revenda de hospedagem brasileiro. Felipe Fleury, Gerente de Contas Latino-Americano de Limestone Networks comentou: “Depois de conferenciar com Angelica, relativo à migração, eu determinei que um servidor dedicado dual Intel seria o melhor para atender às suas necessidades e fornecer a abilidade de crescimento no futuro. Estou animado que estamos hospedando o web hosting forum #1 do Brasil, e eu olho para a frente a novas oportunidades para se conectar com os profissionais de hospedagem que falam portugues. ”

Sobre a Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks é uma provedora líder de servidores dedicados on-demand e serviços de hospedagem de cloud. LSN tem um centro de dados avançado que inclui segurança de multi-camadas, N + 1 e 2N de redundância e operadoras de banda premium. Limestone Networks apresenta um programa de revendedor líder do setor, portal robusto de gerenciamento de cliente e painel do usuário final, rede de distribuição de conteúdo global, com suporte 24/7 apaixonado.

Para mais informações sobre esta parceria, ou qualquer outra inquéritos relacionados com servidores dedicados ou servidores cloud, entre em contato com um especialista de contas.




Limestone Networks rolls out VPN connectivity to clients

Dallas, Texas / June 4, 2015 — Limestone Networks, a leading provider of on-demand, dedicated and cloud hosting services, rolls out VPN connectivity to clients accessing their private network.   

Simplicity and security are distinguishing characteristics for Limestone Networks, and now they have reached new heights with their rollout of VPN access. Virtual private networking, or VPN, is a technology that enables remote users to securely connect to computing devices that are not on the same local area network. As a result of VPN implementation, clients can now access and control services on Limestone’s private network securely, from their desktops, with the benefits of encryption.

Examples of private network services offered include the private interface on client dedicated servers, Limestone’s shared network-attached-storage (NAS) accounts, and IPMI & KVMoIP out of band management devices. Concerning the rollout, Carl Martin, Data Center Manager for Limestone Networks commented, “Trust and reliability are key attributes in hosting. Our implementation of VPN connectivity is a further illustration of our commitment to providing clients with secure, dependable hosting solutions.”

Limestone Networks is pleased with their release of VPN connectivity and views it as an extension to their solid repertoire of custom hosting solutions, which includes, but isn’t limited to, hardware procurement and installation, racks, private clouds and other custom services.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a leading provider of on-demand dedicated and cloud hosting services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, global content delivery network, with 24/7 passionate support.

For more information concerning the implementation of VPN, or other dedicated or cloud hosting related inquiries, contact an Account Specialist.




A promising look into the future for Limestone Networks and its clients

Dallas, Texas / January 26, 2015 Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, reviews 2014 and announces 2015 endeavors.

Looking back into last year, Limestone Networks was able to accomplish the goals that were set for 2014. The changes that occurred have helped to set them apart from the competition. They implemented new technologies and partnerships that have allowed them to continue providing their clients with a high standard of service.lsn_box_large

  • Limestone Networks announced the launching of LSN Cloud on March 23, 2014. LSN cloud hosting was built to provide high availability, performance and scalability. Using technologically advanced equipment, LSN Cloud is ready for the most demanding business applications.
  • Limestone Networks partnered with Cisco to upgrade their entire network infrastructure. The upgrade provides a next-generation platform for Limestone’s cloud and dedicated hosting, as well as supplied a more efficient way to scale out powerful client services.
  • Bitcoin was added as a form of payment for their products and services.
  • LSN CDN was launched which allowed clients to host their websites with boosted performance, a lower server load, while also lowering their bandwidth.

As we step into 2015, there are many things to look forward to for Limestone Networks:

  • Free upgrade from 10Gbps to 20 Gbps for our Enterprise DDoS Protection.
  • Intel E5-2600v3 based dedicated servers. These dedicated servers are built to improve energy efficiency and frequency optimization.
  • New software offerings from Blesta, Interworx and more.
  • New mobile app for android and iOS that will expand server management abilities.
  • Enterprise bare-metal backup solution.
  • Proactive management improvements including setting up hardware and software level monitoring.
  • Refreshed OnePortal interface that will make usability more straightforward.
  • New data centers on the East and West Coasts.

“We’re excited to take LSN’s acclaimed reliability and enterprise-grade product offerings to the next level,” said Kris Anderson, Director of Business Development. “We have always been client-centered. However, I believe coming services will further solidify the close relationship we have with our clients.”

Limestone Networks has entered 2015 with bold, innovative technologies and the coming months are likewise filled with valuable new service enhancements. As always, their clients should continue to expect hosting services that are: Simple. Solid. Superior.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a leading IaaS provider of on-demand cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, global content delivery network, with 24/7 passionate support.