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Limestone Networks Releases New User Interface for OnePortal Control Panel

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, has taken its user experience to the next level. By harnessing the power of UserVoice, and integrating the recommendations from select groups of existing clients, the company has produced a refreshed user interface to its OnePortal control panel.

OnePortal is a complete service control panel. The panel has a keen development focus of “putting the data center in the clients’ hands,” as remarked by Kris Anderson, Director of Support for Limestone Networks. Mr. Anderson further commented that, “Most of the tools used by our Support team to diagnose and fix issues are readily available to our clients through OnePortal. Although we very much enjoy interacting with our clients, we also enjoy giving them the ability to quickly resolve issues critical to their businesses.” The refreshed user interface incorporates feedback received from Limestone Networks’ clients including easier navigation, quick server search abilities, new features and a more graphical experience.


The primary objective of Limestone Networks is to provide Simple, Solid and Superior service to the dedicated server hosting market. This three-point objective consists of implementing “simple” procedures, structure and client communications, offering “solid” hardware, infrastructure and network, in order to provide “superior” customer service and hosting experiences. Listening to, and truly valuing, client feedback is one of the many ways Limestone Networks shows their commitment to fulfilling this objective.

For more information on Limestone Networks, visit the website at or contact an Account Specialist at sales(at)limestonenetworks(dot)com.


New Reorder Button

We are always working towards making your life easier here at Limestone Networks. With all of the great offerings Limestone Networks has for processors, RAM, server management, operating system and more, it is understandable that our order process can take a couple minutes to fill out. For this reason, we’ve created a reorder button in our control panel that will instantly reorder an exact duplicate of your favorite dedicated server configuration.

The process is simple…

First, you simply click the Reorder button on your Servers tab in our control panel. [screenshot]

Second, verify that you truly want to duplicate the server you’ve selected. [screenshot]

Lastly, pay the newly created invoice which you are automatically transferred to.

Yes, its that simple!

On top of the new simple process, any discounting you received on your original server will even be duplicated. So if you had an amazing deal from a year ago, you can use that same deal today on as many servers as you’d like.

In most cases, your server will then be provisioned and login information will be given to you within 1-4 hours!


Great new control panel features!

Over the past month we have made a lot of advancements to our client control panel, our client control panel. Here’s just a few things we’d like to highlight:

Customizable Logo

You can now upload your own logo which shows up instead of the Limestone Networks logo. If you’re enrolled in the Fusion Reseller Platform your logo will also show up when your clients log into One Lite.

Chat-Like Ticketing

Our support here at Limestone Networks is extremely fast at answering tickets. However, we found that clients often keep the tickets open and don’t refresh quick enough to see how fast we respond. Now, when we respond your ticket will automatically refresh using a technology called AJAX. The new post shows up marked with “***UPDATE***” so that you can easily distinguish the update. When you respond, your response instantly shows up to our technicians in the same way– making our support process even faster.

Instant Server Tools

Now anywhere you see your server’s name or ID you can click on it and a small window appears giving you access to many different tools including:

  • a listing of your hardware
  • direct switchport control
  • power control
  • ability to reload your operating system
  • and more!

We won’t list all of the great server tools because we know our competitors are watching. 😉 Check it out, and let your Account Specialist know what you think.

Rescue Boot

This is another one of those tools available when you click on your server in our control panel. It allows you to boot your server into a Rescue environment utilizing the SystemRescueCd with a temporary password of your choosing. This environment can be used for everything from resetting your password to complete server backups and restores. When you’re finished, simply restart the server and it will boot normally.

There are a few other great things added, and we invite you to explore our control panel and seek out these great new features. We are always open to your suggestions and comments, so please contact your Account Specialist if you have any.


New Reseller Dashboard in our Control Panel

Limestone Networks is pleased to announce the latest update to our control panel. Resellers can now access customized reseller statistics through an update to the dashboard that has been automatically added to each reseller account. In general, the dashboard keeps clients updated on their total monthly pricing as well as total discount savings. The new reseller dashboard also features vital information for each individual server on a reseller’s account, including:

· Name and next billing date
· An automatic restart function
· Individualized status
· Monthly costs per server
· Customized coupon codes

At Limestone, we are making it easier than ever to be a reseller with continued innovation and commitment to our clients. Talk with one of our live chat representatives to find out what our simple, solid, and superior dedicated servers can do for you.


Control Panel Feature: cPanel VPS License Management

Limestone now allows you to perform your own cPanel VPS license maintenance. You may add and delete licenses from your control panel by doing the following:

Add a license:

1) Login to Limestone’s control panel
2) Go to your Servers -> Control page.
3) Click “Package Details” under the server you would like to register the license for.
4) Below the heading “Add a cPanel License” put in the IP Address you would like to license.
5) Press “Add License”

After performing these steps, your license will be instantly activated.

To remove a license:

1) Login to Limestone’s control panel
2) Go to your Servers -> Control page.
3) Click “Package Details” under the server you would like to register the license for.
4) Click the red “X” next to the VPS license you would like to remove.

After performing these steps, your license will be instantly deactivated.

If you have any other questions, or experience difficulties, please let us know.


Automatic OS Reloads

Limestone Networks is proud to announce a new feature, available to all new and current clients, which enables clients to reload their operating system through our control panel automatically with little to no interaction with our support department required!

Here are some of the perks:
– Since these OS Reloads are mostly automated, they do not count against your monthly OS reload limit
– You may freely switch between available Linux operating systems
– You may reload every 6 hours if desired
– You may choose to do custom partitioning
– Control Panels such as cPanel and HyperVM/OpenVZ will automatically reload if chosen
– You can monitor the OS Reload screen for step-by-step progress updates
– Assisted OS Reloads are still available via tickets for Windows or complex OS reloads

We’re still working on automating Windows reloads to the point that our clients can do them from within our control panel. We anticipate this functionality to be available soon!

Here are the steps to start an automated reload:

1) Log in to Limestone’s control panel
2) Click the”Servers” tab
3) Click “OS Reload” under the server you’d like to reload
4) Follow the additional on-screen instructions

We hope that you enjoy this new addition to our control panel! Please feel free to open a ticket with any feedback you would like to share about this new feature!


Ticket Tips

Hey all, I’m Ryan Gelobter and I work the night shift here at LSN. Most people think being on the night-shift is glamorous, but between night owls and various time zones it can get just as busy (if not more so) than during the daytime. Sometimes we get very busy, and the best way you can help us and yourself during those times is to make sure your ticket has all of the needed information. I’ve compiled some tips below that should make your ticket experience smoother, and quicker.

1. Login Information

When you go to the first screen to submit a new ticket you will notice that we have provided a field for your server’s username and password. If you are submitting a ticket that requires us to perform work on your server we will need the login information. By submitting this information with the ticket you can ensure that when we review the ticket we will be able to look at the issue instead of having to request login details. As stated in our control panel, when submitted inside these fields the values are encrypted and wiped once the ticket is closed.

2. Select the Correct Server

For clients with multiple servers we have a drop down so you can choose which server the ticket is in regards to. The server you select is the one we base the ticket off of, if you select the wrong server we may be looking at a different server than the one you are referencing. This is one reason we like to confirm your Server ID before we perform any work that might cause downtime or data loss (reloads).

3. Use Specific Subjects

Subjects such as “URGENT! or PROBLEM!” don’t let us know right off the bat what the issue is. If you must place URGENT or PROBLEM in the subject submit it like this, “PROBLEM: Can’t RDP Anymore” or “URGENT: Lost cPanel Access”. We understand it may be an emergency but the more specific you are about the issue the faster we can get it resolved.

4. The More Information The Better

Sometimes unexpected things happen to your server or maybe a configuration change didn’t go as planned. The fastest way to get these issues resolved is to let us know what was performed, and if known, how we can fix it for you. Lets say you changed your SSH port to 3000, but you forgot to open that port in IPTables. You can have SSH back up and running asap if you let us know those details. Just telling us SSH is broken doesn’t provide us with much information to go on which means we have to take extra time to see what might be wrong when it was just a simple fix.

Got any other ticket tips? Let them be known in the comments!


New Control Panel Feature: Port Control

Limestone has now made it possible for you to control your server’s switch ports (public and private) through our control panel.

This feature allows customers to close/reopen their ports if they’re being attacked or close their public port so that only their private is available (great when running clusters). Resellers may also suspend access to a customer’s server if they’d like. There are many different applications for this feature.

To use this feature, login to our control panel and click the Servers tab. You will now have the link “Port Control” by each of your servers.

We hope that everyone enjoys this new feature.


Advanced Bandwidth Information

You can now receive advanced bandwidth information with your Limestone server. To load your bandwidth graphing, simply login to our control panel, click on the Servers tab and click Bandwidth.


New DNS Management

You may now manage your DNS and Reverse DNS (rDNS) through our control panel, your server control panel.