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Dual Intel Xeon 5650

Our dual six-core Xeon X5650 dedicated server operates at 2.66GHz per core. It can easily power a variety of server types. Standard pricing for this system is $375 per month with a base configuration. Through the remainder of March, we’re offering this server for 20% off! Order today and get a free upgrade to a 1TB RE SATA HDD! Coupon Code: GWSNMAR13

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Insightful Interview with CloudFlare

While we were in Las Vegas for the Parallels Summit 2013, our Director of Support, Kris Anderson, was interviewed by CloudFlare’s engaging CoFounder, Michelle Zatlyn.

I think Kris did a great job of describing our mission statement and why you should choose Limestone Networks as your dedicated hosting provider. With average first response to support tickets less than 10 minutes and a ticketing system that is easy to navigate, it is no surprise why our clients rave about us. Take a look at the interview below and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Michelle and the CloudFlare team for the interview.




SSD options for Dedicated Servers


SSD drives have come a long way in a short time. Initially, Limestone Networks only offered the Intel X25-E SSD drives which had capacities of 32GB and 64GB. Now our line-up consists of 10 different SSD options going all the way up to 512GB! Keeping true to our message in January, we will continue to offer new SSDs as they become available.

Which SSDs do we offer?

Our options currently include (as of 3/7/2013):

  • 128GB Samsung 830 SSD (starting at $10/month)
  • 256GB Samsung 830 SSD
  • 512GB Samsung 830 SSD
  • 128GB Samsung 840 Pro
  • 256GB Samsung 840 Pro
  • 512GB Samsung 840 Pro
  • 32GB Intel X25-E SSD
  • 64GB Intel X25-E SSD
  • 100GB Intel 710 SSD
  • 200GB Intel 710 SSD

For the rest of the pricing, simply click “Configure & Buy” or “Preorder” on any of our dedicated servers.

Who commonly uses SSDs?

We commonly see SSD drives being purchased by clients running VPS Hosting, Enterprise Web Hosting or Game Hosting companies. Any application or task, such as databases, can benefit from the extreme speed advantages of SSD technology over standard hard drives.

By combining these high-speed disks with our redundant network and government-class data center, our clients truly have the competitive edge in their markets. Limestone Networks is proud to be a part of their success and we will continue to do what we can to keep them ahead of their competitors.