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Limestone Networks Offers Resellers Sizable Credit to AdRoll Services

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, has partnered with AdRoll, popular retargeting services provider, in efforts to supply their resellers with ample amounts of credit to get their retargeting campaigns rolling.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is happy to report that they have formed a partnership with AdRoll, a widely-used online advertising platform head-quartered in San Francisco, CA. AdRoll is touted as the top retargeting platform and features a self-service interface, conversion tracking, and transparent reporting. Regarding the partnership, Adam Berke, President of AdRoll commented, “AdRoll is truly thrilled to be partnering with such an ambitious and innovative company. We also look forward to assisting their resellers with improving the results of their advertising campaigns.”

Retargeting campaigns are effective tools in converting prospects, and AdRoll’s product is top notch. According to Kyle Haynes, Director of Sales & Marketing for Limestone Networks, “AdRoll has proven to be one of LSN’s most successful advertising avenues. We have seen a significant increase in brand recognition and site traffic when using their retargeting platform. As part of the Fusion Reseller Program, we allow our clients to leverage our existing partnerships in order to stimulate their own growth. We are pleased to have partnered with AdRoll and excited to offer our resellers a startup account credit so that they may test the retargeting services without any upfront costs.”

Limestone Networks is expecting great feedback regarding this partnership, and will be sharing more exciting partnership news in the near future.

For more information on Limestone Networks, visit the website at or contact an Account Specialist at sales(at)limestonenetworks(dot)com.


Find Partners, not Clients

Money is a by-product of great Customer Service and Quality Products. By enabling our clients to grow, it is inevitable that they will need more services, as well as be in a strong business position to purchase those services.

The statement above defines how we think here at Limestone Networks. At Parallels Summit 2012 our team attended a keynote speech by Guy Kawasaki who is famous for his New York Times Best Selling book “Enchantment – The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.” Ironically, this speech covered many of the values we already follow in our business practices.

Money is a by-product.

Our CEO measures our growth by Server Count, not the amount of revenue. This allows our Sales team to focus on your business needs and curb the urge to “nickle and dime” you. We offer a lot of options on our order form for additional products and services, however these services are only offered as a benefit for you and not as a ploy for us to make more money. Actually, most of the software licensing and additional services we offer are at-cost. Commonly, new software vendors look at us oddly when we tell them that we are not looking to make profit off of their software, but rather to offer their software for the lowest price directly to our clients. After we politely explain that we are in the business of helping our clients and resellers grow their businesses, and we see licensing their software at a low cost as an investment in our resellers, they not only understand but embrace the new partnership.

Spend time building relationships, not shoving your sales pitch down their throat.

Our goal is to help you succeed. This should be the goal of every company. Sure we have an extremely secure data center backed by well thought out redundancy for both the network and the power, however every dedicated server provider will attempt to feed you that pitch. Unless you fully do your research, you may even take them at their word. There is more to business though than simply providing a quality product, and we understand that. When speaking with a potential client we listen and think, “How can I help them succeed?” We avoid thinking, “What service can I get them to buy?” I know this is unconventional, but if we don’t think our service is going to make your business stronger and foster growth, then we will be straight forward about it. We are in the business of helping shared web hosts, vps hosts, cloud hosts, game hosts and individuals grow. Through honesty, integrity, great customer service, and a quality network and data center, we will earn the money needed for us to survive and even thrive as a by-product of your success.

Ask not what you can sell your clients, but rather what your clients need to be more successful.

As a company, we seek out new software and hardware offerings. Not to line our pockets with cash, but rather to address the needs of our clients. From my experience in dealing with other companies, the mentality for new features generally is, “What can we make and sell to our clients to increase our revenue?” Although that has done well for some companies, we like to think differently. Since we view our clients as partners, our goal is to help our partners grow. Strive to learn what your clients need to effectively run their company. Find new and exciting things that can be used to make their company more successful. After you have determined these things, work out partnerships with the software or service vendors so that you may fulfill the need for your clients. Take the Limestone approach and don’t mark them up, doing your part to help grow the reseller’s company, or mark it up and make a profit off the partnership. However you do it, do it for the right reason.

Find Partners, not Clients

In conclusion, I leave you with one simple message: “Find Partners, not Clients”. Build a relationship. Lose the mentality that after the sale you’ve “made your money,” and that they are no longer “your problem”. You may think, “it’ll be too hard for them to move their data and change their IPs, they won’t want to leave,” and you may be correct, but that doesn’t make it right. Strive for better business and a better hosting experience for all. Take the Limestone approach.


Social Marketing

It is not only important to market your products and services, but also your company’s values and mission (branding). Consequently, there are a number of venues to address your marketing requirements. Marketing on social networks has become way more product/service marketing than branding. It is starting to make people dislike social networks, and furthermore, your company.

Then what should “social marketing” look like?

1) Show you care

Solicit clients for feedback regarding your company and services. The more they share about their experiences, the more others will be inclined to trust your company. If there is negative feedback, address it publicly. Show that you take complaints seriously and will make any situation right. Provide a quick place to answer pre-sales or short support questions. Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship.

2) Empower your clients

Provide your clients with inspiration, food for thought, or unique business strategies you have heard about or used in the past. How is this marketing? Well, first of all you are helping your client grow, and as they grow they will need more services. Second, you should trust that they will attribute their financial gain to your company. The second point leads to better retention due to a quality relationship.

3) Sell, but don’t be spammy

Twitter isn’t a car lot or an infomercial. Avoid: “BUY NOW!” “DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.” “BEST PRICE EVER.” “HOT ITEMS.” Basically, if you need to use these words (or broken-caps-lock) to get your value point across, save it for a banner where you can make it semi-professional. Instead, show your value logically. For example, instead of, “Today only, the amazing Dual Xeon 5405 on sale for ONLY $215! Get it now!” add more value tailored towards your audience such as, “Shared web hosts profit as much as $1k per month from the Dual Xeon 5405. Add to your business today for $215/month.” Besides the wording of your posts, this suggestion is the last in this article for a reason. Don’t do these type of posts often. Social marketing outlets are meant for brand marketing, not product marketing, even though a little product marketing won’t hurt.


Limestone Networks: The Place for Startups

We love startups. We get it. We understand and know what you have been through to get here. Not many years ago, we were a startup as well. We want to make it as easy as possible to get your server up and running. We are large enough to have the resources of an enterprise-class provider, yet small enough to adapt to the needs of our clients. We want to be your go-to source. We want you to grow and we will give you all the tools necessary to grow a successful business at a price that only a startup can truly appreciate.

Do you have concerns regarding your marketing efforts and how to drive interest in your product? Our partnership with AdRoll can provide you with a helpful jump-start that’s certain to attract interested parties. Do you wish to modify your product or service in accordance with your customer’s needs? The people at UserVoice, another outstanding partner of ours, are experts at engaging and organizing customer feedback. How about graphics design? Startups are often short of in-house graphic designers, and it can be a challenge finding a quality solution at the right price. Fortunately, however, we also have an answer for this through our partnership with DesignPax, a New York City based outfit whose creative team is top-notch.

Yes, it’s true, we love start-ups. The road may have been hard thus far, but it can get easier. The answer is following a path that has been well traveled. Follow the path that others have successfully traversed. Here’s a hint: It’s simple, solid, superior, and paved in limestone.

May your journey be fruitful. We’ll be expecting you.