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LSN Celebrates 4 Years of Dedicated Server Hosting

Thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to the future! Be sure to read the official press release here:


Happy 4th Birthday to LSN

Limestone Networks, Inc. was officially launched in August of 2007 after months of careful planning.

The first processor offered on the Limestone Networks site was an AMD Sempron LE-1100, which was standard with half a gig of RAM. Needless to say, we have rapidly expanded to meet the needs of today’s market and cater to an enterprise client base.

Even considering our ambitious beginnings, it would have been hard to predict that we would be in nearly 100 countries today, offer multi-lingual client-side communication, have a well-established reputation for some of the best support in the industry, and have one of the leading partnering programs on the planet. It has always been our intention to provide the capabilities of a large corporation with the personal attention and adaptability of a small business.

We would like to express our gratitude to our loyal clients and employees that have made Limestone Networks the best dedicated server company that it is today. We look forward to the coming years!


See you at HostingCon 2011

HostingCon 2011 starts today. For those of you that don’t know, HostingCon 2011 is being held in San Diego, CA this year at the San Diego Convention Center. Limestone Networks is in booth #333 this year so please feel free to come by and meet us face to face.

See you there!