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New Reseller Dashboard in our Control Panel

Limestone Networks is pleased to announce the latest update to our control panel. Resellers can now access customized reseller statistics through an update to the dashboard that has been automatically added to each reseller account. In general, the dashboard keeps clients updated on their total monthly pricing as well as total discount savings. The new reseller dashboard also features vital information for each individual server on a reseller’s account, including:

· Name and next billing date
· An automatic restart function
· Individualized status
· Monthly costs per server
· Customized coupon codes

At Limestone, we are making it easier than ever to be a reseller with continued innovation and commitment to our clients. Talk with one of our live chat representatives to find out what our simple, solid, and superior dedicated servers can do for you.


Passionate Support Team Delivers Rapid Provisioning Times

Dallas, TX, May 19, 2009 – Limestone Networks, Inc., the Dallas based dedicated hosting company, is proud to announce that, through the implementation of new provisioning features and rock-solid technology, average provisioning times have sped up significantly.   The new provisioning features utilize some of very same technology that is available to clients through our control panel using the new OS Reload feature. 

What does this mean for Limestone Networks’ customers?  Instead of waiting an industry standard of up to twenty four hours for dedicated server implementation, the provisioning phase now takes an average of just over 2 hours.  In fact, customers with new orders in the last week have waited only one and a half hours for provisioning, with some servers provisioned in as quickly as 20 minutes.  Gary Kendall, CEO of Limestone Networks, comments that, “In our constant striving to be better than anyone else in the marketplace, we have assembled not just a good team at Limestone but a passionate team.  Our people are passionate about customer support and it shows in everything we do.  Our new faster provisioning times are yet one more example of how hard we strive to give our customers the best possible experience.”

 This is all part of Limestone Networks’ dedication to providing customers with simple, solid, and superior service.  Contact the Limestone Network Sales Team to see what they have to offer.