Limestone Networks, Inc.

Simple. Solid. Superior.

About Limestone Networks, Inc.

Limestone Networks, Inc. (LSN) was founded 2007 in Dallas, TX. With servers originally stored in the Infomart our company grew quickly as the preferred dedicated server host in Dallas, TX for gaming. In 2008 we moved to a new facility (Databank) which featured more physical security than our previous data center. This facility allowed LSN to market enterprise-level dedicated hosting to the small to medium sized businesses. In 2014 we began to offer cloud hosting with 100% SSD storage and true rapid failover in case of failure.

Our Motto

All of LSN's services are centered around our motto: Simple, Solid, Superior.. With us you will have a simple hosting experience on a solid network with superior customer service.

Our Culture

You will never find people as devoted to your success as the employees at Limestone Networks, Inc. At LSN, our goal is less about us making money and more about helping you be successful. Our Account Managers act as your "friend on the inside" while our Technical Support and Network Engineers act fast to resolve any issues that arise. techncians