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Jon Miears

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Jon is the second oldest of 3 brothers. He has lived in 13 surrounding cities in the Dallas metroplex, as well as attended the same amount of public schools. Skateboarding was a large part of his childhood when it was his brothers' turn to play their beloved gaming consoles.

Jon attended two different colleges until he decided that his REAL major would be gaming. Jon is a MMORPG enthusiast with a passion for building computers and web design. His favorite games are Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny, and Minecraft.

  • FFXIV: Pickles XIII (NA-Jenova)

He also spends his free time with his girlfriend and visiting dog parks with his sidekick of a pup, Pickles. (Pickles is, indeed, way awesome)

How did you hear about Limestone Networks?

"A good friend and former employee recruited me because he knew of my interests in the IT industry. I found a new interest in customer support at Limestone. At the end of the day, there’s almost nothing more rewarding than the gratitude that comes from a satisfied client."


PS4, Computer Gaming, Live Music, Food Trucks, Dog Parks, Graphic/Web Design, parkour (jk), beating everyone at soccer, iOS games, MMORPGs and visiting food trucks.

Interesting Fact

When I was 4, I talked my mom into buying me a singing mermaid toy with color-changing hair.