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Limestone Networks announces upgrade to standard NAS offering

Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, announces upgraded NAS offering.

Dallas, Texas April 3, 2014.

Protecting your critical data with secure backups has never been easier or cheaper. Limestone Networks has upgraded their complimentary NAS storage offering from 5GB to 20GB for their dedicated servers. The Limestone NAS is powered with Intel and Adaptec technology, and is in a RAID 10 configuration for redundancy. Their NAS is also fully equipped with hot spares in case of disk failure.

LSN’s NAS systems are on Limestone’s Private Tunnel which means customers get secure, unmetered transfer between their NAS storage and their dedicated servers. Concerning the upgrade, Ryan Gelobter, IT Manager for Limestone Networks said, “We’re happy to provide our clients with the tools they need to administrate their servers effectively.”

Hard Drive Field

Existing clients can upgrade their current packages to 20GB NAS for a small, one-time $5 processing fee. Just open a sales ticket.

Simple. Solid. Superior.

For more information regarding the NAS upgrade, or for advice concerning any of our enterprise hosting products, contact one of our Account Specialists!


The Latest in High Performance Cloud Computing: Limestone Networks Announces LSN Cloud

LSN-Cloud-PNG-transparent (1)

Limestone Networks, a leading IaaS provider of on-demand, dedicated and enterprise hosting services, announces their new high performance cloud service – LSN Cloud.

Dallas, Texas / March 24, 2014

High Performance

Designed with enterprise customers in mind, LSN Cloud was built to provide high availability, performance and scalability. Using technologically advanced network equipment and hardware, including Intel SSD drives for speed, Juniper rack-level switches, Cisco core routers, Supermicro chassis with redundant power and dual Intel Xeon E5 series hypervisors LSN Cloud is a ready for the most demanding business applications.

LSN Data Center

LSN Data Center

LSN Cloud is located in a Tier 3+ state-of-the-art data center where it uses Tier 1 fiber carriers for optimal data transmission.  Located in the former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the data center is a stone fortress with government-grade security features and maximum failover.

“Our core principles when designing LSN Cloud were high availability, performance and scalability. These principles extend not only to our network, but also to our hardware,” said Ryan Gelobter, IT Manager. “We are utilizing stacking features from Cisco and Juniper to provide the high level of redundancy that LSN Cloud demanded. Every switch has at least 20Gbps of capacity to our core routers which is easily upgradeable to 40Gbps. 100Gbps is possible in the future. We use only Intel Xeon processors and Intel SSDs in our hypervisors which gives us fast and reliable performance.”

Limestone Networks’ setup is also a step above competing products. Using KVM virtualization and distributed SSD storage the cloud instances deploy in under five minutes.

LSN Cloud Support

Limestone Networks is passionate about customer support. To this end, they take customer service very seriously and strive for 100% customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes.

“Our support team has trained rigorously with LSN Cloud and is looking forward to assisting clients,” Kris Anderson, Director of Support, commented. “With response times less than 10 minutes, our clients have come to expect superior customer service, and the support for our cloud hosting will be just as quick.”

Aggressively Priced

LSN Cloud is priced more economically than any other major cloud hosting service providers, such as Rackspace or Amazon AWS EC2. In some cases, they offer a more attractive price for storage when compared with competitors. Additionally, unlike other providers, they offer gigabit port speeds with their standard cloud package.

“We’ve priced LSN Cloud very reasonably,” said Matt West, Director of Sales. “Like our dedicated servers, you’ll not find a better value in the industry. This is a high-end, rock-solid service and my team is eager to help clients onto this platform.LSN Cloud Price Compare 2


In summation, Limestone Networks has taken the best of cloud computing and assembled a scalable, high performance offering designed to meet the challenging demands of customers for many years to come.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a leading IaaS provider of on-demand cloud, dedicated and enterprise hosting services. LSN has an advanced data center which includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy and premium bandwidth carriers. Limestone Networks features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, with 24/7 passionate support.

For more information concerning LSN Cloud, contact an Account Specialist at sales(at)limestonenetworks(dot)com.



Most Important Dedicated Server Features

I’ve been in the hosting industry many years and it has been my experience that the purchasers of dedicated servers are usually more reactive than they are proactive. Although the services required to be proactive cost more, the headache, upset clients and lost revenue will be more costly in the end.

Which services should you use to be proactive? 

DDoS Protection

No one likes latency or, if the attack is strong enough, downtime. Being as client-centered as we are here at Limestone Networks, we hate it even more because we want only what is best for our clients. The fact is DDoS attacks are becoming more abundant and costly to mitigate. Looking for a way to help our clients stay online and running smoothly, we developed tiers for our DDoS Protection that would allow us to provide enterprise protection options. It is extremely common for me to see tickets from upset clients because their server is offline and their customers are complaining, however they haven’t added DDoS protection. This is why I would say this is the #1 most important dedicated server feature that is overlooked.  Hard Drive Field

RAID Hard Drive Redundancy

Hardware failure happens. We do everything in our power to keep it from happening to our clients in several ways: pulling hard drives from circulation that are getting old, testing every hard drive after each cancellation, and testing again when we provision a server. No matter what we do, hardware failure will still happen. If you don’t have RAID setup for redundancy you can lose your data. This is another sore point for our Support team. Delivering the bad news of a hard drive failure to a person that doesn’t have RAID is extremely difficult. Hardware RAID allows the technician to simply replace the disk that has failed and bring your server back on immediately. Your original hard drive will then re-clone to the new drive while your server is online and serving your employees or customers.

Server Management

Managed_bkgrd1Some companies are not large enough to hire an IT staff to manage their server. Our unmanaged support team assists clients within 10 minutes of opening a ticket with matters such as operating system reloads, hardware issues, network issues, and power issues. However, if you’re needing work done within your operating system like spam troubleshooting, software installation, virtual machine maintenance, and more then you need management. In my years of running Support departments in the hosting industry I’ve seen some experienced server administrators utilize our server management services simply so that they can focus on other things that are more important to them. For larger companies, our management team acts like an extension of their internal Information Technology department– performing routine maintenance and management tasks upon request.

So to sum it up, by adding these three services to your dedicated server hosting you are making steps to be proactive and provide the most stable service possible for your user-base or customers. DDoS Protection, RAID hard drive redundancy and Server Management.


Limestone Networks Doubles Bandwidth offering on all Dedicated Servers

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is pleased to announce they have upgraded their standard bandwidth offer for all dedicated servers to 10TB.

Dallas, Texas January 15, 2014

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is known for offering premium services at affordable prices, and now with greater bandwidth allowances on base server configurations, those prices are even more attractive.

NW EquipAs a result of the growing diversity of computing devices, an increase of advanced multimedia and video traffic, faster and more widely available broadband accessibility, and many other contributing factors, global IP traffic is forecast to be 1.3 zettabytes by 2016 (Cisco). Consequently, Limestone Networks has also experienced significant hikes in overall bandwidth usage.

“In just 12 months, we’ve experienced a 38% increase in bandwidth usage,” said Ryan Gelobter, IT Manager for Limestone Networks. “In order to help resellers and other clients compensate for the new normal in bandwidth usage, we’ve upgraded standard bandwidth allowances by one hundred percent.”

For more information concerning this announcement, please click here.

Simple. Solid. Superior.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is an enterprise hosting provider in Dallas, Texas.  Limestone Networks has an advanced datacenter which includes N+1 and 2N redundancy, multi-layered security, precise HVAC cooling and premium bandwidth carriers.  LSN features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, and 24/7 passionate support.


Automated Migration Tools – Do They Really Work? (WSM)

The following article, from the brilliant minds over at WSM, offers great insight regarding the effectiveness of auto-migration tools. 

WSM – Website Movers International provides a ‘real world’ assessment of automated server migration tools. If you’re considering automated server migration, you will want to read this first.

There’s been some recent buzz about automated migration tools like those offered by AppZero and Racemi, among others.

As the industry pioneer and global leader in migration services, WSM is often asked how well these types of automated migration tools work – or if they work at all – to effect a successful server migration process. First, let’s explore the types of automated migration tools, and what each are designed to accomplish.

Server Imaging Tools

Server imaging (also referred to as server mirroring or server cloning) are terms that are often used in the same context with server migration. While that may be relevant in some cases, it’s important to realize what a server imaging tool does, and does not do.

Most server imaging tools are simply designed to make a complete virtual image of a given server, and allow you to restore just that image on a new physical and virtual server. Putting aside any security or other policies your hosting provider may have against bringing over a foreign host operating system and supporting services (assuming the goal is to migrate from another web host into a new destination hosting provider) this type of tool can accomplish the basic imaging task in some scenarios.

It’s also important to note that most of the tools available today function only with specific Linux and Windows-based operating systems. Occasionally the imaging tools do not function well on dissimilar hardware and a restored image of an operating system may not be stable enough for a production environment.

So, let’s say the imaging process was a success, and you’ve been able to restore the image of the data restored onto a new server. In most all cases, there is still much work to be done if you actually need the image to be put into live production state. Let’s identify some of these tasks:

  • Re-configuring all of the websites/applications configured in IIS with the new hosts IP addresses (websites, databases, email, etc.)
  • Testing, Testing Testing! Make certain to thoroughly test your websites/applications functionality on the new server, to ensure you don’t run into any critical errors after the go live
  • Data/Database Synchronization. After testing and error resolution, you’ll probably want to synchronize any data or databases that have been updated during the migration process. Usually we recommend placing ‘maintenance’ pages on any dynamic sites during this final synchronization, to ensure no dynamic data is lost during DNS propagation.
  • DNS Changes. After the final data synchronization, for website/application migrations you’ll have to change the A records on your domains to point them to the new server. If you don’t have third party DNS services, you’ll have to create new DNS zone records at your new hosts domain name servers, and then change name server records on each domain to point them to the new server. It’s recommended that you lower TTL values 24 hours in advance of your planned go-live event to the minimum value allowed at your current DNS provider, to ensure faster propagation.

In summary, server imaging tools can generally be used for migrations from and to the SAME operating system and version, and are most effective only when migrating server environments within the same hosting service provider.

Is this a fully automated, hands-off process? CERTAINLY NOT! Does a tool like this help? Sure, for a very small sample size of migrations. Since most migrations involve version upgrades to operating systems, application versions, server builds, or expanded, load-balanced footprints using hybrid hosting models to leverage cloud and physical servers, a server imaging tool is probably not your best bet for the migration.

The simple fact is that in their current form, server imaging tools are useful only in a very narrow and strictly defined set of migration rules. When the server imaging tool has failed to perform a migration, the tool vendor should refund your costs – and leave you back where you started with an unfinished or unsuccessful migration. Net-net? Do plenty of diligence in advance to avoid the unnecessary delay and expense if you’re considering using a server imaging tool for your migration.

Advanced Migration Tools

Some firms (AppZero and Racemi come to mind) are pitching advanced migration tools that can pick up an application independent of the operating system (very specific operating systems including limited Windows, and very few Linux distributions), and seamlessly move it to a new physical or virtual server. Sounds great, right?

Not so much. The fact is, no two Linux/Windows-based applications and servers are exactly the same build, configuration, version and type – which would be a requirement if you wanted to use a tool like this. Even so, all the manual steps including testing, DB syncs and DNS modifications are still required to ensure a complete, successful migration.

To reiterate, you’re most likely to find that there WILL BE functional errors discovered during testing when moving your applications and/or databases to an upgraded operating system with updated supporting services. These errors will require manual, and often programmatic intervention, that an AppZero or Racemi tool simply cannot and in all probability will not ever be able to do.

That said, these tools can indeed automate the ‘forklifting’ of data from source to destination server, and in some extremely limited and simple use cases, complete an entire migrationEXCEPT for DB syncs and DNS changes.

The most important item to note here is that moving outdated applications to a newer operating system, if it works, leaves you extremely vulnerable from a security standpoint. If you are migrating legacy applications/services, it’s always best to update all your digital assets to the latest, greatest versions of software available.

Use Case for Racemi or AppZero Migration Tools

If you have the technical skills, don’t mind putting in the effort and want to give these tools a try to kickstart the migration process, they’re certainly worth a shot. The process will require quite a bit of manual work in testing, troubleshooting, data synchronization, and of course performing the go-live event. Unfortunately, these tools only work with very limited Windows/Linux OS distributions, and only automate the data migration – which is actually the easiest part of most migration projects. The real time and effort is generally expended in troubleshooting migration related issues, and performing a smooth go-live event.

If you’re a good programmer, and/or have an on-staff technical team at the ready, usually these issues can be worked through manually in order to complete the work that AppZero and Racemi tools cannot.

AppZero and Racemi – The Verdict

When these tools themselves fail to complete a migration, the general policy (even published on at least one of these provider websites) is to simply issue a refund, and then push you into a professional services engagement on either an either hourly or per-ticket paid basis.

Bottom line: While the solutions offered by AppZero and Racemi can perform a full migration in extremely limited and very basic migration use cases, they simply do not fully automate the migration process.

Buyer beware – make sure to read ALL the fine print before trying one of the AppZero or Racemi migration tools.

WSM Migration Automation Tools

While we do use our own proprietary migration automation tools in certain cases to reduce the time required to perform a migration, our scripts are not commercially available for purchase at this time for the simple reason that we choose not to market the concept of a ‘fully automated migration’ – when that concept is far from reality as we’ve proven here.

That said, WSM will soon be releasing automated migration tools that will fill gaps that other providers haven’t figured out yet, at a price point well under what you see today for inferior products. Stay tuned for more details on these tools in future press releases.

In the meantime, WSM is frequently called on to perform a migration for customers who have started off using automated migration tools, but have been unable to complete the migration because the vendor of the tool they bought did not effectively explain its limitations, as well as the level of technical effort that’s required to actually complete a migration.

If you need to avoid the failure risk of automated migration tools on the market today, give WSM a call at 888-899-7940 ext. 1 or email Simply put, our migration process is completely guaranteed – no fine print and no limitations like you’ll find with the automated tools currently on the market.

Would you like to migrate to Limestone Networks? Check out this amazing offer: Learn more. 


Limestone Networks adds CenturyLink to list of Carriers

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, is pleased to announce the recent addition of CenturyLink to their list of premium carriers.

Dallas, TX. October 30, 2013

Limestone Networks, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider, has added a 10Gbps transit connection from CenturyLink, America’s third largest telecommunications company and fastest growing Ethernet provider.

Since inception, Limestone Networks has endeavored to provide premium IaaS at affordable prices. The addition of CenturyLink, and their best-in-class connectivity, is a further illustration of LSN’s commitment to excellence. CenturyLink’s global tier 1 network with 1,409 BGP clients and 117 Peers provides Limestone Networks with superior access to the internet.

Rack_CableManagement_SkyRack_Databank_Small“The addition of CenturyLink to our list of carriers ensures our clients will have optimal latency to many networks on the internet.” remarked Ryan Gelobter, IT Manager for Limestone Networks. “Their commitment to network growth and performance demonstrates to me that they will be more than able to support our needs moving forward.”

Limestone Networks is very pleased with the early results of the network upgrade and gives full assurance to current and prospective clients that they will continue to reinforce their world-class datacenter with new carriers in the future.

About Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is an enterprise hosting provider in Dallas, Texas.  Limestone Networks has an advanced datacenter which includes N+1 and 2N redundancy, multi-layered security, precise HVAC cooling and premium bandwidth carriers.  LSN features an industry-leading reseller program, robust client management portal and end-user panel, and 24/7 passionate support.


Professional Support


“We have servers at 11 datacenters. You guys beat out everyone in response time and quality of support.” LSN Client.

A  world-class support team doesn’t come into existence haphazardly. It calls for a platform built to satisfy the complex demands of a global client base. It requires experienced technicians who are passionate about customer service. It takes managers who are devoted to optimizing policies and procedures. Simply put, it requires consistent professionalism across the board.

Through years of refinement, Limestone Networks has cultivated premium support offerings for both their unmanaged and managed dedicated servers.  For instance, we provide in-depth hardware diagnostics absolutely free. Our hardware diagnostics have been modeled after a full-service oil change. If you suspect you are experiencing hardware problems, in order to minimize downtime, we immediately replace all cables and memory (RAM) modules within your server. We proceed to investigate everything from CPU temperature to the proper seating of components, and if a client feels they need a hardware replacement, we replace the hardware at the client’s convenience no questions asked.

cutout higher resLimeAid, our managed service offering, is equally remarkable. “Every one of our LimeAid technicians are certified to provide both Linux (RHCE) and Windows (MCSE) support,” Kris Anderson, Director of Support, remarks. “When you find yourself in a pinch, our management team can get you up and running.”

The table below lists the more popular features of our support options. Limestone Networks takes customer needs seriously. We’re passionate about your satisfaction. We’re committed to providing premium services at affordable prices. Our professional support teams are battle tested. Don’t settle for less than Simple. Solid. Superior.


UnmanagedLimeAid Managed Service
1. Hardware diagnostics
2. Support responses < 10 Minutes
3. Hardware replacements
4. Response ratings
5. Closed ticket surveys
6. Free OS reload
7. Web & mobile control panel
8. Fast provisioning
1. Backup Configuration & Restoration
2. Network Configurations
3. Firewall Configuration
4. OS Updates & Patches
5. Software Installation
6. Software configuration & troubleshooting
7. Per incident tickets only $5.
8. Comprehensive Proactive Management


Holiday Sale!

Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 Sale

Are you looking for a powerful server, but do not want to break the bank? If you order a new Xeon E3-1270v2 server today, you will save $20 instantly on your configuration!

  • $135 $115 when you include the discount!
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- cPanel

Get the most out of your server with cPanel!

  • Our normal everyday price is $25/month.
  • If you order today your price will be FREE*

*Offer available on new server orders only.

- 300GB 10,000RPM VelociRaptor

Need something faster than the standard 500GB SATA? Order a new server today with a 300GB 10k RPM VelociRaptor free of charge.

  • Please see a live chat sales specialist or open a ticket for the discount.

*Offer available on new server orders only.


Bandwidth Sale

Need more outgoing bandwidth than our default offer? If so, take advantage of our bandwidth sale today! Upgrade for only $10/TB after standard amount on base configuration.*

  • Please see a live chat sales specialist or open a ticket for the discount.

*Offer available on new server orders only.

Clearance Sale

Get $15 off any clearance server $150 or more.

*This applies strictly to new orders under our clearance selection

*You may enter coupon code associated with promotion at the review step which is directly after the customize screen. Coupons cannot be combined with other offers. Free upgrades on new server orders only. Discounts have been factored into the final price of the server. Promotional price is the recurring monthly price.

*See live chat if you would like assistance with a promotional sale. Expires 11/16/2013 at 11:59:59 PM CST


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cPanel Conference ’13: In the Big Easy


After spending three days (and three nights!) in the Big Easy, aka NOLA, or New Orleans for the layman, the term exhausted is hardly scratching the surface.  That may be a slight dramatization, but none the less – this year’s cPanel Conference ’13 was a jam packed experience for Limestone Networks and without a doubt for the other attendees as well.  Upon hearing that this year’s conference had grown significantly since 2012, we felt fortunate to have secured a spot as a conference exhibitor.

Conference Booth - cPanel - 1 - LowRezThe conference featured a multitude of talks by cPanel experts, spanning from customers to development and back, as well as a team of cPanel technicians on the floor to provide simple training lessons and to answer some of the more complicated questions that had been brewing up in everyone’s noggins.  With the cPanel Conference being smaller than conferences like HostingCon & WHD.Global, there was an opportunity to create a real sense of community, and cPanel did a fantastic job of facilitating.

At the end of the opening day, which existed mainly for exhibitors and guests to get settled in and setup their booths, police shut down the main strip of road in downtown to allow cPanel guests to be escorted by a marching jazz band to a boat at the water’s edge to eat dinner and have drinks.  It was a pleasant surprise when it appeared that the dock began to move as we set sail down the Mississippi river.  Upon returning, everyone was invited for festivities at Harrah’s.  Needless to say, I think everyone had a blast and night number one went off with a bang!

PANO_20130930_185000Day two of the conference brought the exhibition into full swing, with funny characters running around in cPanel branded Morphsuits, and a robed man towering above while hobbling around the conference floor on stilts.  Nonetheless, cPanel kept the New Orleans spice pumping throughout the event.  No one was about to forget we were all here in the Big Easy, not even for a minute.  Appropriately enough, that night everyone was loaded onto Mardi Gras-esque parade floats, and we were transported to a local nightclub, Republic, for more festivities that I doubt people need any help to imagine.

On day three, Limestone Networks had to cut out on the nighttime activities (we had an 8 hour drive ahead of us), but we did get to meet a ton of great people from other innovative companies from around the globe who were focused on helping hosts like us with their plethora of services, which definitely made the conference worth every drop.  Overall, the 2013 cPanel Conference was a very positive experience, and Limestone Networks is pleased to have been a part of another great hosting community event.

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