Get Paid to Refer Clients

When someone clicks your link and purchases a dedicated server, it will show up on your dashboard in our online system. Once the customer's dedicated server has gone online, $10 will immediately be credited to your account. Once the customer pays their first renewal (after 30 days of service), you will be awarded 50% of the total price of the dedicated server.

Typical Commission Examples

Server Price Instant Payout
(within 24 hours)
Final Payout
(upon server renewal in 30 days)
$170.00 $10.00 $85.00 (50%)
$250.00 $10.00 $125.00 (50%)

Qualified Products

All dedicated server referrals qualify for payout except when a custom discount is provided. You will be provided with specialized links that the surfer must click in order for you to be marked as their referrer. This link places a cookie for 90 days on their computer so that they may return at any time within 90 days and you will still receive credit for referring them.